Sakhte Iran 3 Serial Part 6


Sakhte Iran 3 (Made in Iran), we saw the previous 3 episodes that Morteza and Gholam are standing in front of the door in the car where the star is coming. The star wants to go to the inn where the slave says my uncle’s heart is small, it’s sore. The star gets angry and says if you let me get off. Insist on going home!

Gholam suggests that Morteza take Atefeh. He says if I step on a mine, he will not ask me to. It’s not that the future is bad, but it does not suit me.

Mr. Sotoudeh (Hooman Barghvard) is watching TV in English and trying to learn. And he drives. It is sold in front of the aquarium. Indicates that Shahram sent him here and tells the password. The aquarium salesman says he serves me in every way. They show him a picture of old tablets on his mobile phone. Sotoudeh says start my work. The aquarium salesman says I will find those who do antiques and I will let you know in a day or two.

Siavash chases him and enters the aquarium after him. Takes the number of the person to WhatsApp the fish photo for him. His name is Goldust. When he comes out, he calls a girl and says her name is Goldust. His answer is that I got his number and I can hack his information by sending a photo of the fish.

He shows his hat to Gholam and Morteza and shows them a picture of a horse. There is a horse race ahead. He says this horse should not reach the race. They want to anesthetize the horse and he promises them a lot of money. The name of the horse is shout.

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The next images are of sneaking into the stable. After many clumsy games, the horse kicks the slave and he faints for a while. Morteza also wants to anesthetize him, which happens to Morteza with a single kick. On TV, he is explaining the story of the power outage. Guess it’s related to betting sites!

8 main horses of Tehran International Competition have been anesthetized in this place.

The slave calls the star and says I will come to see you. Morteza always takes a switch from his father, who says that you made a mistake and does not give them a switch. They are in the alley to go and Maryam is coming home. He wants to see Morteza’s father. In front of Mary, they compliment their father, who is forced to give them the switch.

Sotoudeh is talking to her husband Mahsa about traveling to Turkey. He protests that he is going alone. He wants to travel to Istanbul alone. The woman says she does not want to go alone. Maryam’s name is in the identity card of Esmat. It is going for the tablets.

Gholam and Morteza Dam are in the club. Morteza wants to kiss the mattress and say goodbye.

Siavash is in the pool at the woman’s house. He is reprimanded for the scandal caused by Morteza and Gholam.

Siavash says that Goldoust has praised a man named Niknam, who was an antique shopkeeper in the 60’s. Now he is going to Istanbul to follow Niknam.

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