Sakhte Iran 3 Serial Part 8


Morteza and Gholam enter a stylish cafe that belongs to Farid.

Farid is sitting downstairs. We see him from behind. Farid is a girl.

His nickname is Farid. His real name is Nusrat. His father dreamed of a son, he had 7 daughters.

Ebi wants to share secrets with them.

Flash gives him to sell to the computer and the system is hacked and they find out where Siavash is.

Sakhte Iran 3 Part 8
Sakhte Iran 3 Episode 8

Morteza thinks the girl likes him.

They enter the airline agency.

Finally, the problem is that they do not know what Siavash’s family is.

Eventually, Abi learns that his full and real name is Badkoubeh Culture.

Farid finds that he has gone to Istanbul.

Now the next problem shows itself.

They have no money to go.

Hashem McQueen tells them that you are probably not allowed to leave.

The discussion leads to an illegal exit.

And that it is dangerous and that.

They are looking for a person called a destroyer who is a cannibal.

He smokes in a coffee shop.

Hassan Agha Takhribchi tells them that I must either forge my passport or send you a smuggler.

If they do get clothes, they get $ 250 each in a suitcase bag, and their trip is free.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

The slave comes home.

The slave’s meeting with the star is very cordial.

This makes her cousin’s daughter sensitive, but in the end things go well.

Someone brings clothes for the old slave.

Checks the itinerary.

Hashem is suspicious and says that everyone brings clothes from Turkey to Iran.

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How do you bring goods from Iran to Turkey?

Apparently they are local clothes.

The star informs that the police have come to the house of the donkey

. The alley is full of police.

They escape and take a taxi.

They go to Abi. Abi wants to propose to Farid (Ms. Nusrat).

When he sends them away, he tells them to go and not to return.

He has a plan.

Morteza and Gholam are going to listen to Amir Tataloo Jigili in the car.

Morteza likes to go and checks his hair.

Morteza is worried about his uncle being leaked to the police.

On the way to Turkey, the driver does not answer them correctly.

The driver’s brain threatens to disembark when they eat.

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