Sakhte Iran 3 Serial Part 9

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At the same time, the driver of the car that Morteza and Gholam are riding in. He enters the dirt road and takes them to the house of a person named Gholi. Gholi tells Morteza and Gholam to enter the house and not talk to anyone.

Some time later, Gholam and Morteza have breakfast with a couple who have two children and want to cross the border and live in Khata Gholi. They share their memories and Morteza explains that he is a wrestler. Zaman Qoli calls them and says that they should move right now. They all get in the car and start walking.

Some time later, Gholi stops the car and says that they have to walk the rest of the way. They cross the mountain on foot. It rains at night and they light a fire in a cave to sleep. Gholi He forces them to turn off the ates, as they may find them. Rejected and reach Turkey.

When crossing the river, the clothes get wet in Morteza and Gholam’s suitcases. After crossing the mountain, they reach a restaurant and hang the clothes on a rope to dry.

In the restaurant, Morteza calls his father and informs him that they are safe and have crossed the border.
Gholam and Morteza get in a forage truck and go to the city. Then they go to the address where they have to deliver the suitcases. A person named Hakan takes the suitcases and gives them fifty dollars each. Gholam says Their appointment was two hundred and fifty dollars.

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Hakan’s assistant says that the appointment here is determined by the person who will deliver the goods. Hakan’s assistant says that he will take them to a hotel that will accept them without a passport and then pay for it. They take it. Gholam shows Hakan’s picture of Siavash on his phone and asks him if he can find it.

Hakan says he can but it costs them. Gholam accepts.
Gholam and Morteza go to a ruined building with Hakan’s assistant. Two beds are placed on the roof of the building and they are told that this is their hotel and from here they have a good view of the sea.

Tomorrow morning, Gholam calls his son and after asking how he is, he asks him to give the phone to the star. After talking to Gholam, the star asks Atefeh why she does not marry Gholam? Kamran, who treats Gholam like his father He knows and Gholam Hussein sees him like his mother ‌.


Atefeh says that he has always seen Gholam through his brother’s eyes and now his heart’s slave is in front of someone else.

In Zoli’s office, he watches Sianki on his laptop with the CCTV footage of his house when Nozar and Colonel entered the house. Syanki says that is enough to arrest all four of them. He waits for their new miner’s farm to be ready.

He looks at the broken one and says that the star thought he could raise his money, but he was wrong.

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