Sakhte Iran 3 Part 10


We see a picture of a black man throwing a cloth in the water and washing it. It has a suitcase full of clothes with special designs.

Someone calls him and two people come to him. They get angry. Someone called Peyman is called and told that the clothes are clean. 10 hand-stoned Baluchi men’s clothes. Did you put us to work? Peyman says I was there myself when the materials were thrown on the clothes. Everyone doubts Morteza and Gholam.

Two Turkish men are angry. Morteza and Gholam are sitting and eating in Istanbul. Morteza is worried that someone will fall in love with him and have a hybrid son. This happened to a slave in Paris with Jacqueline.

They say they will take money from him if they find him. Morteza says how do you want to take bitcoin from him and take it out?

Siavash talks to a girl in Iran. “We have to see where we put it tomorrow,” he says. Take a look outside, the city. I eat air. The girl complains.

Sotoudeh and his wife are sitting in Turkey. Together they want to take a selfie that someone calls. A man named Niknam called and asked for him. The woman decided to register the brand there, set up a gallery and succeed. The man tried her. Can give up. But he promises to open the gallery as soon as the tablets reach him.

Saber came to Morteza and Gholam. Morteza dreamed of Turkish girls. Saber announces their summoning. They think they want to go to a concert!

Nozar and the colonel are listening to Susan, talking about pre-revolutionary memories and being beaten by the colonel for the love of glory. Nozar confesses that he was there. They have drunk and their condition is bad. Glory is now a pious woman. Colonel says I failed. Nozar says you failed, you did not get married. The colonel also confesses that when Nozar and his comrades had gone to Jajrud, he had told Fariba that he was going to film. When you came back, he followed you with a broom. I said you went clean. I was sick that night, I expected you to be on top of me, but you went with Alwati comrades.

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In Turkey, Morteza and Gholam have been hanged handcuffed.

Morteza sells the slave. Gholam and Morteza tell Hakan that we delivered everything correctly.
After being tortured, it became clear that the clothes had been washed on the way. Saber releases them but says hit me so that they think you hit me and ran away.

Nozar is tattooing a childish painting on a client. When they escape, they board a boat and escape.
After a long chase, they escape and roam in Istanbul.

Niknam meets Bijan Sotoudeh on the ship. Nickname is the son of that nickname. Niknam talks about Achaemenid tablets. We see that the CIA is there under the guise of a waiter.

They decide to sell the tablets and work halfway. Instagram woman wants to tell a story.

A man beats Nozar in the house. He says, “Come on.” He is looking for Gholam and Morteza and they are shouting. The colonel threatens to call another colonel acquaintance. The man threatens them to deliver the goods. Nozar asks what is the subject of the sexes? The man says they escaped. Give them my message without delay. And goes.

Nozar says let’s go to Hassan Takhribchi who put this bread on our table. They go to him in the coffee shop. They say we still do not understand that this button and stone is worth more than human life? He says that the button and the stone were drugs. Did you think that your son and his friend crossed the border in the same way and gave them money? ‌ I wish that was all. There is also murder. They have killed the leader of the Turkish mafia. Everyone in Istanbul is looking for them. “I can’t believe Murray did that,” Nozar said. When he returns, we must ask him for an explanation. The destroyer says that he himself could not believe it until they saw the photo of him being shot in the middle of his forehead!

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Hassan Takhribchi says they either have to return the goods or pay. Nozar wants time and opportunity for Morteza and Gholam to return to see what they have to do. He says it is ugly that they have come to the end of our house. The destroyer promises cooperation.

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