Sakhte Iran Serial Part 15


Gholam and Morteza are in a transit who wake up with a horn and ask where they are.

The driver shows the sign 450 km to Tehran and says that they will arrive at night.

The slave asks the driver if he has something as a souvenir and the driver answers, the soles of his shoes. Morteza says that he has a friend named Mohammad Shokol, and they buy him chocolates.

Mahsa, Sotoudeh and Kambiz are watching gallery films, which see Siavash.

Somewhere Siavash is fleeing, then they see Gholam and Morteza and Mahsa says that these two people were also with them in the Turkish hotel.

Sotoudeh thinks that Shirin is involved in this incident and Mahsa gets nervous when she hears the name of Sotoudeh’s ex-wife. Mahsa wants to get to the bottom of the story herself, so that if Shirin has a role in it, she can teach him a good lesson.

When Gholam and Morteza arrived in Tehran, they got out of the truck.

They went to Mohammad Shakool and then went to Morteza’s house.

They ask what happened? Hashem and Nozar say that he was healthy, that he slept like Fardin at night and never woke up.

Noche Peyman informs him that Gholam and Morteza have arrived and are at home.

Setareh says that it is good that Shirin and Siavash are looking for them now, Atefeh says that they are dangerous, but Setareh says that because their job is busy, they leave without a line, but it is not the work of a slave, he should be with him. The slave says that his brain is working and he must come with them.

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Gholam Hassan and Kamran say that chocolates are produced in Eshtehard and are also available in grocery stores across the street.

On the way, Morteza says that when they got the money, he wants to open a wrestling club, and Gholam wants to have a Deep Dining club, and each of the stars asks for cooperation.

The star says that he has not seen any good from the partnership and Gholam says that they must first settle their debts and then move on to living together, which the star says that Shirin will not pay them.

They go to Shirin’s house, Shirin says, in all their adventures, they follow in their footsteps, how do they want to prove that their money is in their hands. Gholam says he is at the bottom of the line and Morteza says he did not know me, the former wrestling champion.

Shirin says she knew him, the same person who escaped after the opponent’s attack.

The star asks Shirin what he wants, Shirin asks for cooperation, the star and the slave say they do not violate.

Shirin wants to hear his offer first.

Shirin says that in the late sixties, a number of gold tablets belonging to the Achaemenid period were stolen from one of the palaces in Tehran, and this information was given to the tablets and they earned many times the amount they demanded. The star says they do not want to partner with him and Shirin says he will not give them any money in that case. They go and take out Shirin Siavash as well. Mahsa is on guard outside Shirin’s house, where she sees all three suspects.

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They come home and tell Siavash to introduce himself as the culture of Badkoubeh, Gholam asks the star to think about his proposal and the star says now is not the time. Mahsa also chases them home.

Hashem asks Siavash to carve the phone line of a person he has just met and see if he is in contact with another person.

Nozar comes from the bathroom and is nervous about the presence of the slave’s friend in the house and says that there is no hotel there, and finally he can stay there until tomorrow noon.

While Nozar and Hashem say that if they see Siavash, they will ruin his day, Kamran and Gholam Hassan come and say that the star he says is Siavash, Nozar gets up and wants Duloul, Gholam and Morteza say they had to include Siavash in their team, because only He can do the work and bring them to the tablets so that he does not fall into the hands of the incompetent. Nozar says he obeys only because he is their guest, then they have dinner together.

The star sets fire outside and thinks about his memories with the slave, the slave comes with food and sits next to him, the star wants to see the photos in the notebook. Gholam shows him a photo with the names of four people who stole the tablets and died, in front of the name of a star whose leader is Nader Shams.

On the next page, in front of Nader Shams’s name, an arrow is drawn and Nasrin’s mistress is written.

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In front of Massoud’s name is his sister Maryam’s name and his address. The star says he will only go to that address tomorrow.

Morteza is sitting outside complaining about Siavash sleeping on his bed. The slave wants to go in and solve the problem himself.

They put Siavash out on the stairs with a blanket and went to the room and slept.

Morteza ties his hand to the bed with a rope so that he does not walk in his sleep.

The next morning, Siavash wakes up on the stairs and complains that what would happen if he froze? Morteza is at the bottom of the bed again and the slave is on the bed.

The star goes to the desired address, which is a beverage factory, and sees Maryam, asking her to talk because she has a very important job.

The film is set in September 1987. Massoud stands in the alley and smokes.

When he saw the police, he got in the car and when the police came to him, he said that he was a passenger, and because people were fleeing when the missiles were fired, his passenger came, then he said death to the hypocrites and death to the United States, and the police left.

The three men jumped off the wall, holding things wrapped in cloth, and got into a car and asked Massoud to move. Massoud wants to see a comment on the tablets.

They show Massoud the golden plate and he moves.

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