Sargijeh Serial

A serious series. A mystery and crime based on a family misunderstanding.

The star of this series is Hamed Behdad, who plays an expected role with an expected performance.

The presence of Rana Azadivar, who is popular in mystery series these days, and reminiscent of her successful appearance in Zhor Kari, has helped make the series more spectacular.

Behrang Tawfighi, the director of this series, was the producer of Aghazadeh series. Aghazadeh was broadcast on Filmo and now he has moved to Namava.

The story begins with a scam exposed for us.

A person named Kamran Zahedi (played by Hadi Hijazi Far – the best face of 1402 with the role in Lion’s Skin) manages this company and disappears.

The story is also connected with the adventures related to cryptocurrencies and fraud in this field. Family problems, their breakup and other narratives of love in distant years all help to make the story more attractive to the audience. The story gives a good narrative of itself, but its airing at the end of April with Poast Shir series (on Filmnet) was unlucky. After that, however, the predictable fortunes of Vertigo happened.

One of the things that you may enjoy while watching this series is the overly noticeable advertisements of brands such as instant coffees. A simple story is told and figures are added to it. Human Sidi, who is mostly known as a director these days, is considered one of the famous and popular faces of Verizhe by playing in this series. He plays the role of a detective who is mysterious.

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