Sedaghatsiz Serial duble Part 1


A dinner party in a luxurious house, the guest woman, Asia, tells the host man that his wife, Volkan, is in a relationship with his daughter. And of course her daughter is pregnant by her husband. The wrongdoing daughter of the family is shocked and attacks Asia. Asya, as if relieved, gets up and leaves.

Let’s go back 20 days. Asieh is the mother of the family and Volkan, his wife, Ali is their child. He goes to the hospital. The doctor is distinguished and honorable. His wife, Vulcan, is a hard-working businessman. Returning from a trip, Asia accidentally finds a lip balm in her husband’s pocket. Vulcan makes the excuse that he was given it because of his dry lips. Asieh dies from this story; Zard. Asia’s neck hurts. Vulcan lovingly throws his scarf around his neck.

Asia goes to the hospital and a golden hair falls on Vulcan’s scarf. Neil is an Asian patient who has been told that he wants to be prescribed a special medicine for insomnia. Asia sends him out and refuses to do so.

Much of the first part is devoted to Asia’s mental exploration of golden hair. A woman named Gonul, who is older and an old patient of Asia, comes to him to save her life owed to Asia. He has a painting exhibition and gives the invitation card to Asia. Asiya, however, is preoccupied with Gonul’s hair color and uses her busy schedule as an excuse not to come to the opening.

At noon, Asia goes to school with her son. Ali is with his classmate Celine. His mother Sarab is there too and she has golden hair. It is reported that he has become Volkan assistant.

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At nightfall, Asieh mocks Vulcan: Didn’t you say the mirage was your help? Volkan says it is not new. He has been his assistant for a year and he has said it before, but Asia has not cared and has forgotten.

Bahar and Mert are friends of those who live in their neighborhood. Asieh is their guest and talks about golden hair for spring. Spring hair is red. Bahar encourages him and says that it is not possible that Vulkan has betrayed him. He talks about their mutual love. Asieh searches Vulcan’s house at night. An email comes from the hotel thanking Vulcan for his stay last week. Anger fills Asia.

The next day, Asia talks to the women doctor who works for the company and has a cordial relationship about the golden hair and the email that came from the hotel. Gulin also assures him that Vulcan may not betray him. Through the mirage, Asia realizes that Vulcan is leaving the company earlier every day. He decides to pursue Vulcan. On the way, the patient, who had been yelling, sees Nil being beaten by his boyfriend Seljuk. He intends to do something for her, but continues to pursue her to pursue the story of Vulcan.

Volkan destination is his mother’s house. Asia goes inside the house and when Vulcan is there, she is apparently surprised.

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