Sedaghatsiz Serial duble Part 2


In the second part of the series dubbed in Persian, we see that Vulcan, who was chased by Asia, now sees each other in Vulcan’s mother’s house. Asia is ashamed of thinking wrong and apologizes to her husband. Vulcan hugs Asia.

Asie goes to the kitchen, sees her mother-in-law’s nurse and talks to her. He realizes that Vulcan, contrary to his claims, has not been there for a month. In her psychological suspension, Asia just realizes that she has played again.

At night, at home, Vulcan wants to run out of the house. Asia pursues where she wants to go. Apparently, Halug Guchello is the owner of Ali School. He has organized an exhibition and he is the wife of the same woman whom Asia saved and invited him for her paintings. Asia wants to go with him, Vulcan fits in but does not show up. They go to it together. Darin is the daughter of Haluk and Gonul. Asia informs Gonul that Vulcan will be 40 tomorrow. He invites them to a party.

On the balcony, Asia meets again Neil, the girl who had taken her out of the hospital in the previous episode and then seen her being harassed by Seljuk on the street in a chase with Vulcan. Neil tells Asia to separate. But Asia says it’s not as easy as you think, and she has a child.

The next day, Asia provided Nile with a car to pursue Vulcan. Shortly afterwards, Nil informs Asia where Vulcan is and, on Nile’s recommendation, turns Vulcan’s car.

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Vulcan has been born. Asia buys the cake and they go to the place of birth with Ali. Under the pretext of a camera, he goes to Vulcan’s car and finds a bag in his trunk with a second phone.

On the phone is a photo of Vulcan and Darin, the daughter of Haluk and Gonul. He realizes that Bahar, Mert and Golin have been with them and everyone knows everything. In addition, he learns from the messages that Vulcan has even been informed of his arrival and departure by the hospital. He even considered his pursuit to be vulcan.

At the end of the second part, Asia is very nervous and upset, but she does not wake up.

All the guests are circled around Vulcan and Vulcan dies by candlelight. Asia says to herself, “You are all my enemies, but I am not a victim.” An unforgettable forty years are waiting for you, Vulcan.

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