Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 2 English Subtitles


Inside the hotel, Jank, Eda and Sarkan are seen holding hands and eating. Ada looks down at Jank and laughs.

After Jenk and Carla leave, Ada immediately pulls her hand out of the hands of the sergeants and says, “I’m sorry! “What did you do ?!” says Sarkan. You have to explain to me! “I’m sorry I asked,” says Ada.

“I have to come to my office today at eight o’clock,” says Sarkan. If you do not accept, I can file a two billion complaint against you so that you can work for me for the rest of your life! Eda gets angry and leaves, but when she sees reporters attacking her, she immediately goes to Sarkan’s car.

Serkan explains to him that if he accepts their contract, he will both study in Italy and he will ask for Celine to separate from Farid! But Ada says angrily: “I do not want my money!

I do not even want to see you. I hate you! Sarkan also says: “Our feelings are reciprocated, dear lady!” »

When Ada arrives home, Melo immediately says under her breath: “Ada, what a mistake you made! He enters the house. Ifer, Eda’s aunt hears this and asks Melo what happened ?! From the top of the stairs, Ada asks Melo with her eyebrows not to say anything to Ifer. Melo is embarrassed and snoozes. Eifer does not believe his words and decides to call Eda to see where he is. Ada throws her phone in Melo’s bag from behind.

Ifer notices the phone and picks it up from Melo to finally figure it out!

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Kahn talks to someone behind the phone and says: “I saw the photo of Eda and Sarkan!

This kiss can not be true! Then he smiles and says: “Yes, the hotel land is mine! »

When Aidan, Sarkan’s mother, sees the news, she says angrily: “How is this possible ?! Who is the girl who kissed my son! And he tells his maid and friend Seifi to investigate Ida sooner.

Celine and Piril ask Angin curiously who the girl is! Angin herself does not know anything and only says: “I know her name is Eda Yildiz! This! »

When Jern calls Ada’s phone and Ifer answers, Jern says without knowing who is behind the line: Come explain soon! Eifer hears everything and goes to the girls and asks them to say everything.

The girls first try to collect the word in confusion, but in the end, Fifi shows the photo of Eda and Sarkan kissing to Ifer. Ifer is shocked and screams!

Celine goes to the company and asks Sarkan who that girl is ?!

Sarkan says: “You can only ask me questions related to work and nothing else! And Celine leaves the room annoyed and angry. Pearl and Angin inform the leaders that Kan Karadagh has bought the land next to the farm where they were going to build a hotel, and for this reason, their client, Mr. Fekrat, intends to cooperate with Kan! Serkan gets angry that his rival Kahn is trying to pull his project out of his hands and tells his team to hold a meeting with the thought of not canceling the project anyway.

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At eight o’clock at night, Ada goes to Sarkan’s office.

Serkan puts the contract in front of him and says: “Is there anything else you want to add to it ?!

“I do not want your money,” says Ada. Josh, I want to work here so I don’t owe you! Sarkan is forced to accept and after signing.

he says: “According to the contract, you must be by my side at any time and anywhere I say and do not tell anyone about the falsity of this candidacy!”

“I do not come to work on Fridays and I do not see inflation,” says Ada. Fridays are mine. On the other hand, I can not say anything to my aunt and friends.

But Serkan does not allow him to do so and says: “Tell them love was a moment! »

When Ada returns home, she tells Ifer without preamble that she is engaged to Sarkan. Eifer laughs nervously and says, “It’s okay, Eda! I raised you as a child to make your own decisions! But after he left, Ada cried.

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