Seni Kalbime Sakladım Series English Subtitles Episode 1


Zeynep, who is the manager of a famous pharmaceutical company, faces the pressure of marriage from her grandfather Yusuf Abdullah, who is the owner of the company,

after the unfounded news reflected in the press.

While Zeynep is looking for a temporary lover to please her grandfather, Civanmert, who is famous as a “one finger valet”, appears before her.

Because of his mother’s carelessness, Civanmert also got into a big debt. Zeynep offers him an offer.

They will pretend to be lovers for a short time, and when the time comes, they will go their separate ways. In the end, both will benefit.

Civanmert is forced to accept the offer, albeit reluctantly.

And so begins the fairytale love game between Civanmert and Zeynep, who have completely different lives.

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