Serial Nobate Leili 8

Rouhangiz is sitting on the sidewalk in a restaurant with Lily as a child.

Rouhangiz talks on the phone and asks Tara to take care of her sister and not let her go out with Farshid.

Lily does not eat breakfast and says she is sleeping, she asks her mother why we are going there, her mother says to get to know the past, because the past, art and history is what made Lily unite, they go to the seven bodies where Bahram graves the gypsies. Slaves and then they went all over the world and showed their art. Rouhangiz then reads a poem from Lily and Majnoon Nezami’s book in which Lily’s name is mentioned. Lily says that is why her name was chosen. Saw that he had given Lily and said that her name was Lily.

The film begins, in the caption Lily wants to complete the painting and like Lily she can bring someone back and her choice is her mother.

Omid watches a movie on TV in which Lily is a theater actress, as if one night Lily got angry and canceled the theater. See and speak. With the knowledge he had of her, he knew that if he told her he would never see her again. Then he says that death means human life in many ways, but nothing in the world is worth committing suicide. Some people are looking for shade all their lives, they have to find their light.

Omid says he knows what his light is. He wants to work in the Haft Peykar theater. Pure rate confirms sometimes loss is necessary to gain.

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In a conversation with Mahboubeh, Mizan Pak reminds them that they went to the Omid Theater and when they saw that she was not well and that her parents were in the city, they brought her to the center and hoped that Mahboubeh would explain this to Homayoun.

Homayoun Ittihad and Lily seek to uncover the secrets of the Zoli family. Homayoun says that history is full of events that are not possible except with unnatural forces, such as the Seven Wonders and the Three Pyramids of Egypt. Lily says she agrees with him, she only thinks she has a spiritual dimension, so they just have to please her sisters.

Homayoun says that Belqis went to a parallel world, fell in love there and stayed there and did not return. Lily says she should go to the Balkans, Homayoun says she read the book and went crazy. Lily says she was crazy but not the main subject of the book, the sequel they saw on the carpet in Belquis’s room. Seventy years ago, a girl with the appearance of Lily, the last member of the qibla to which the paper belonged, took a picture of herself and gave it to her lover and went to the Balkans. Homayoun says that maybe he is gone, Lily says that even if it is a parallel world, it has no effect on the main story and he and his father are on the same team.

We go to Lily’s childhood when Lily says this is special paper, neither torn nor burned, and if you write a wish in it, it will be fulfilled. His mother says that Lily is in the air and wants to go and dance with the gypsies. He asks his wife to invite people who have come from the army to build roads to fish, so that they may have the officer’s son-in-law.

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The family of Lily’s sister’s wife has arrived, and Homayoun says he is launching a cunning bazaar at the Gypsy Summer Festival.

Rohngiz says he hates gypsies, and one of Lily’s sisters says she loves traveling with them, and her mother says army officers also travel with their families. The gypsies are playing, dancing and playing tricks and magic. Spiritually, through the hole, the gypsy lady tries to see Lily, who says she has beautiful eyes but is wearing a mask, but the woman notices and frightens the spirit.
Homayoun and Rouhangiz are sitting on the terrace. Homayoun describes her beauty and says that the last time she was so beautiful before Lily was born.

Lily has set the breakfast table, her sisters have come and are complaining that they want the inheritance because they owe it to Partoo, Lily tells Tara because Partoo is interested in Tamna, Tamna promises him to wait, Tamna says that Partoo has fallen on him because of painting. These are the last days of their mother, so she agrees to discover the secret. But she will not play with the beam, she will really be his wife.

Lily sees Amir and asks him how he is, Amir says that the first day of the theater left him and his theater has collapsed, now why he asks how he is. Lily says that Omid says she loves him in front of everyone in the microphone, and after Lily protests, she says that she is not a gifted actor. She also left the theater. , Amir says he hopes to live long enough to see only a self-centered human being like Lily.

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Lily walks over to her mother’s soil, saying she is cruel to be considered selfish, she is scared. The last days are from the cashmere wedding to the prince’s palace.
Termeh tells him that his mother told him that he was special in order to reduce the torment of his conscience, because he wanted a boy named Touraj, but Lily was born. His father said his name was Teflon. Lily says one day you will come and tell them the truth.
Lily sees the witness, who is studying at the Rome School of Architecture, in front of the house. She called Tara to follow up on her order. It seems that Tara is fond of memories.

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