Shabakeh Makhfi Zanan Serial

Secret network of women
It has stopped playing.

A neat and appropriate series. But stop.

With the presence of prominent figures such as Siamak Ansari, Leila Hatami, Mehdi Hashemi, a story is told about the struggles of contemporary women in the era close to the constitution. A historical, surreal and fantasy story that offers you a kind of comedy special to Afshin Hashemi.

If Mehran Moderi’s 90-night series is a great example of an entertaining work for you, beware of this series. But avoiding watching it can deprive the audience of shows full of sarcasm and irony from an important work in the space of home series.

The series is one of the few products that was honest with the audience from the beginning and announced that it will be aired in 30 screens, but with the events that happened last year after Shahrivar, its airing has been stopped due to the issue of women. However, it is not strange if you tend to visit the existing episodes many times.

The series of the secret network of women has become more attractive with monologues in the middle of the series. Monologues of women from different political, social and economic classes in the era when Iran was moving towards modernity.

Afshin Hashemi tried to make a humorous work about a serious issue and concern. Here, he has succeeded to some extent in being proud of Bahram Bayzaei as an actor in his recent works.

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