Shahrake Kelileh va Demneh Serial Part 4


Hangover and circumcision are settled in the house and the furniture is arranged. Khomar is being interviewed to be hired as an expert in the network for processing healthy food products from unhealthy municipal waste.


Shirkhan is about to go to the circus to practice jumping from two rings at the same time, which Shir al-Muluk complains about, except for the rooster, which leaves so early in the morning. The lioness says it’s her job and the lion king cries.

Khotan is scared and hangover says he makes a noise in the apartment, Khotan takes a bite for him and hugs him.

Shirbano gives lunch to Sherkhan and tells him to eat lettuce. Shirlmoluk complains that milk should eat meat. .

Shirbanoo says there is no forest, everyone is a neighbor and equal. Shir al-Muluk says, “Where did you go in Shirogen and did not see these days?”

Khomar wants to go to work, Khotan is afraid that he is the neighbor of Shir, and Khomar says that this is a city and no one cares about anyone. He comes out of the door, confronts Sir Khan and is afraid of his voice and the way he speaks, avoids going into the elevator and goes up the stairs.

Khomar greets Awavi and Atai and says that he is going to be hired, after Atai returns, he will give them a guest song and Atai says that he will buy sweets.
Khomar leaves the house and says with a song that he bought a house in their favorite city and is moving towards the future with a fresh and energetic job and a job of bread and water.

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The circumciser hangs a rug and wants to weave a rug.

Katie saw a photo of the new decoration of Titi’s house on Instagram and wants them to do the same and change the furniture. Katie says she’s depressed and wants to go to the shop next to the gentleman, because the load arrives and Katie says she has to go wherever she wants, but she has to change the furniture or she won’t stay there anymore.

He owes it and Katie shows up to be Persian.

He regrets that he has not married his cousin and has no son, Persian says he will not ruin his style so that he can have a cane. Kitkat cries.

Quchani is playing football and Quchanbek is giving him technical advice. He blooms and Quchanbek says he has to go to school. But Quchanbek says they are vegetarians.

Samurai is painting and describing his painting, but Tishila says he defines it whenever he can sell them. Samura says her problem is that she does not have a relationship and Tishila says she has a relationship.

Shiro calls Samurai and Tishila says she does not know what Shiro likes to do. Samura says Shiro is not unemployed and is a musician, he just did not have the means to release the album and asks Teshila to study, Tishila says he has done the same and has no need for relationships and facilities.

The young man listens to music and spends time in front of a laptop. Zhuzhou comes and finds the young man from Awqi.

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Awwqi says he is the guardian of the building, not the guardian of the young tail.

Zhuzhou tells Awqi not to say anything to the young man and goes to his house, but the young man escapes from his house and goes to the house of the circumcision, the circumcision is frightened, he screams and runs away.

The lioness comes out and asks what is going on. The young tail says the floor is wrong.

Hani is watching cooking lessons and baking sweets when the young tail enters his house and says in a playful language that the good smell of sweets has brought him there and Hani also welcomes him.

The lioness goes to Khotan on the roof and tries to calm him down.

Hani says the neighbors should go out together, then asks him to introduce him if he knows him on TV so that he can teach cooking, and the young tail welcomes him.

Shirbanoo says it is destiny and Khotan says he made a mistake and sought a hangover because of his heart. Shirbanoo says that he also studied medicine but was given to Shirkhan, who was the son of the king of the forest, but no longer remained a king or a forester.

Shiro and Samurai are playing and singing in the whole cafe, and the neighbors in the cafe and the green space are each having a different time.

Shirzad is exercising, when Shir al-Muluk asks Shirbanu where he is going, Shirbanu says he is going for an injection, Shir al-Muluk is a plaintiff who is not worthy of their family, and Shirbanu says he needs to do this to make a living, Shir al-Muluk wants to nurse him And Shirbano leaves him to Shirzad and leaves.

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The young man talks on the phone and says that his job is to find talent, Samurai approaches him and asks him, how can he, who is a painting student, sell his paintings? The young man says he needs someone to present his work, and Samurai asks the young man to do it.

The young tail wants to see his work first. Samurai is happy and tells Shiro that if the young man sells his paintings, he will pay his debts and Shiro does not show much reaction.

Shirzad is talking on the phone while passing through the lobby and licking the person behind the phone in a childish tone. Auqi says that milk is also old milk.
Shir al-Muluk wants to go to the bathroom, but no matter how much he calls Shirzad, he does not appear.

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