Siah Chaleh Serial

The comedy series is directed by Hossein Namazi, the producer of the best-selling film like Shadvaran, produced by Saeed Khani. A family comedy with well-known actors such as Mehran Ahmadi, Hassan Pourshirazi, Jaleh Sameti and Elnaz Habibi.

It has been broadcast since May 1, 1402.

The story of the series is the narration of Jamshid’s life story. A man who is 60 years old, is a renter and is involved in the problem of unemployment. Now he has to go out of town and stay at his father’s house.

بیشتر ببینید:

But the important thing happens exactly at this moment and in this place.

He learns about a story that can overshadow the whole future of his family. But this issue, with the action he is taking, is a kind of getting out of the net and falling into a well.

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