Sibe Mamnoee Part 139


Chathai waits at the airport to call Yildiz, and Yildiz leaves him alone, explaining that I am at my husband’s house and do not bother him anymore.

Yildiz in the arms of Doan and Chata with broken nerves. Sadaei says the sky has not come yet and he is worried that Chathai will inform him that there is no news and the situation has changed and he will return.

Yildiz tells Doan about the incident and says that he said this because Chata’s pay for his actions. Doan is not satisfied with this game.

Sibe Mamnoee Part 139
Sibe Mamnoee Part 139

Ander has come to Chatai. Janer also enters the room. Yildiz tells him that Chathai wanted to send me out of the house to reconcile with Yildiz, but he asked me to stay here as long as I wanted. It is speculated that it was because of a message sent by Kumro, which led to the separation of Yildiz and Chata.

On the other hand, Yildiz meets Omar. The sky also meets Amal in the park. They asked the sky for money. He calls Bulent and tells him to please repay his debt by a week. they accept.

Debt falls behind but rises to 250. 50 in addition to the previous one.

Handan says he should see Ekin and fill him up. The boy asks why don’t you solve the problem with a rent killer? The answer is that in that case the killer will be caught and we will be exposed. I also do not want to tell Akin to go and kill Doan.

Handan knows Jank, the bank’s public relations manager and economic genius. Isolated and a golfer.

Sadaei speculates that it may be due to Doan’s harassment of Yildiz. Omar is surprised that Yildiz told the story to Doan. He says that you have always lied, how did you become an honest man? Yildiz says he was surprised by his definition and later regretted it.

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Yildiz fights in pairs on the street. Heaven also consults Omar and asks him for money. Millions goes on to tell him the story of gambling. Omar says I can get it from Akin. But the problem is that it is close to Comero. Omar’s suggestion is to use Janner’s mind and ideas.

One of the suggestions is to steal from Comero. That Janner suggests.

Yildiz and Doan go to a barbecue restaurant. On the other hand, Chatai and Sedaei decide to go to the barbecue.
They bump into each other and cheat. Yildiz and Duathan go.

While playing golf, Handan Klitsch meets Jenkin Akin.

The sky goes to Comero’s clothes. Comro comes to his closets when the sky gets stuck and says I came looking for you and the massage machine.

The relationship between Jenk and Handan gets closer and they go to dinner. “I can tell the bank to review your application,” says Junk. Handan says Doan Yildirim can guarantee and informs him that he is my daughter’s father.

At a party, mutual friends Doan and Chatai, Ander and Yildiz gather.

As Handan and Jank get closer, banking is on the verge of being resolved. Comro tells his father that Yildiz only loves your money, and the sky is talking to Aisel about getting me out.

Omar has a headache.

Sibe Mamnoee Part 139
Sibe Mamnoee Part 139

Marwa and Andar are talking when someone follows them and informs Chetin, Doan’s assistant.

As Jank leaves in front of Handan, Jamal enters. They are arguing with each other about loans and that Duan is a powerful person and is causing trouble. Handan says that we are pretending that the signature of the duo has been forged by Jank.

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In the next stage, Handan meets with Akin. He asks Handan, who of course says he did not tell anyone. He asks if Kumro was really abused by his father? Handan says he still sees and does not say anything out of fear. Handan says he wishes Duan would be destroyed.

Comero is looking for a green backpack in the middle of his wardrobe and he is not. Aisel is embarrassed and gives the news to the sky.

Handan goes to Comro and, for example, accidentally tries to burn his hand with coffee.

Duan has decided to take over Halitjan’s care in order to reduce Chata’s evil from his life. Comero is against it.

Kumro and Dogan get into a fight and eventually a fight ensues between Yildiz and Kumro and they get angry at home.

Ander tells the truth that he is going to find out about Doan, but Chathai says do not try, he does not tell you anything. Are you aware of what is happening on the Internet? conforms that. In an effort to make both Doan and Yildiz miserable.

A customer arrives for a Comro bag that is being secretly sold and wants the bag that night. Amir tells the sky.

Comro, who goes to Akin, tells them the story. That Yildiz and her dad are really a real couple.

When Amir and Janar take the bag to hand over to the lady, there are two thieves who also want to pocket it. Tomorrow morning, Amir announces to the sky.

Davan decides to go to Tuscany with Yildiz. A quiet trip to stay away from the outskirts.

Kumro was in Akin’s arms until morning. Akin sees his burnt hand and gets angry while he is asleep. Handan calls and talks about last night’s fight between Doan and Komro and makes him milk.

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The bank letter for the loan arrives in Doan. “I did not sign it,” Duane said. And this is not my signature, Chetin, but it is a good imitation. But he says do not move for now so that I can pay for it.

Bolent, the creditor of heaven, came to visit him. Is embarrassed. He comes looking for his money and tells the news of the debt. Yildiz says we can solve the problem. Duan arrives at the same time. Yildiz Jajlov nominates Doan Bolent as Aisle.

Akin says Ander and Chatai are working in the company. They wanted to take the shares from me, but the discussion reached Comero’s father and he said, “I want the shares to be yours, because if something happens, it will reach Yildiz.” Kumro is also shot to go and get stronger in front of Yildiz.

Yildiz is upset that now that his relationship with Doan has improved, he has to go and borrow a lot of money from her mother. Sky also tells the story of Comero’s bags to his daughter.

Doan is playing with Halitjan and they want to have breakfast when a car arrives and the guard attacks the house with a weapon. His shoulder is shot and he falls. He goes to the hospital but his condition is not critical.

Doan goes to the police and reports against Andar Chalabi. He says he attacked my house this morning. The reason for this confidence in Andar is that he has threatened to kill his wife among all.

The police go to Andar Chalabi. Ander is in Chathai’s house. Arrested on charges of armed assault. They cut the bottom.

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