Sibe Mamnoee Serial – Duble – 372


In the room, Ander tells Janer that Comero has sent his friend to mediate their reconciliation. He says he should raise the issue with Doan.

When Ander and Chathai drive to the company in the car, Ander tells Chata that he heard the sound of merits when he came home from sports. Chatai says he came to visit and does not say anything about Merich’s words about Comero.

It’s the night of the Halit John Kindergarten show, and Yildiz and Doan go there. Chatai and Andar also go. Yildiz complains that he came there, and Chathai complains about Duan coming. Ander sarcastically tells Doan about Yildiz damaging Chata’s car and shows the camera footage. Dolan gets nervous about this.

When he returns from there, Ander asks Doan to take him. He tells Doan in the car that Chathai and Kumro are still in a relationship and if he does not believe he can see them in the coffee shop where they are today.

At Merrick’s insistence, Merrich takes him to a coffee shop. Then, under the pretext of going to the bathroom, he goes to Chatea Comero.
Comero is surprised and nervous to see him. Chatai says he understands the child’s story and comforts him. At that moment, Doan goes to the coffee shop with Chetin Dam and sends Chetin inside to see if Kumro and Chata are there.

Chetin takes a picture of the scene where he hugs the Comeros chat and shows it to Doan. Duane gets angry and leaves.

At home, Dooan argues with Yildiz about the damage to Chathai’s car last night, and says that it seems that Chatai is not finished for him, which has upset him in the news. He tells Yildiz that if Chathai’s words are still important to him and upset him, then there will be a big problem between him and Yildiz. Then he goes to Comero’s room. Heaven comes to Yildiz and gives Doan the right and asks Yildiz to take it from his heart.

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At the coffee shop, Comero tells Chata that he does not need compassion and asks her to go and does not want to see him again. Then he goes out.

When Kumro goes home, Doan angrily prepares his suitcases and kicks Kumro over for his relationship with Chata. Comro is nervous about judging Duane and leaves home. Yildiz is trying to make things right. Comero thinks that Yildiz was involved in the case and is arguing with him. Doan seizes Comero’s car and blocks his bank card.

When Comero goes to the hotel, he realizes that his card is blocked and he has no money.

He calls Omar and asks for help, but Omar angrily fights with him and says that he is no longer a simple and stupid person and cuts off the contact.

With no place to stay, Comero goes to a small old house down town. Yildiz calls Comro and asks how he is. Comero lies that he has no problems and is staying in a good hotel and has no shortage.

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