Sibe Mamnoee Serial – Duble – 373


At Doan’s house, Yildiz talks to Doan and expresses his displeasure with him and Kumro. Doan says he does not want to talk about it. Yildiz tells Doan about Chata’s story that he broke his car out of greed in the mirror and had no other purpose. Doan does not say anything and goes to the company.

Comero was in the park last night and Azgi called him. He had suggested to Comro that he go to his house if he had no place to stay. Comero did not accept at first, but since he had no place to stay, he called Azgi again and had to agree to go to Azgi’s house in the lower part of the city.
The next day, he gets ready and goes to work. Comero stays home alone.

At Chata’s house, Ander happily informs Chata that he has kicked Doan Kumro out of the house. Chatai is surprised. Ander says he found out about Komro and Chathai secretly and informed Doan that Doan had kicked Komro out of the house.

Chatai gets angry at work. Ander warns him that he can not do anything secret, and he knows that Kumro still loves Chata. Chatai denies such a thing. Ander says that Comro’s departure from the house makes Doan nervous and makes his relationship with Yildiz worse and they will divorce soon.

Chathai comes out of the house and calls Comero and wants to go to him. Comero asks Chata not to call him again.
Ander is in the car with Janer and asks him to find out Comero’s statistics to find out where he stays and what he does during this time.
Merich calls Comro, and Comro tells him angrily that by his work he has made Duan understand his appointment and that of Chata and drive him out of the house. Merich is surprised and upset and wants to go to Comero. Comro, who does not want Meric to know he is staying at Azgi’s house, says he has no status at the moment and will contact him later.

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A beggar student in the alley at the end of Azgi’s house comes and tells Komro that Azgi has sent him to help Komro if he needs it. Komro asks him to put charcoal in the stove. The beggar student comes out and goes to Chetin and tells Chetin that Comero, whom Chetin showed him the picture of, is in the same house.
At the company, Meric goes to Doan’s room and tells him that there was no connection between Chata and Kumro, and that he had asked Chata to talk to Kumro. Doan tells Meric that he does not want to hear about it. Merich returns to his room.

Chetin goes to Pish Doan and informs him that Kumro is in Azgi’s house. He wants to go to Comro to bring him back. Doan urges him not to take any action and that Kumro stay there for now.
Yildiz takes Halit Jan to a child psychologist because of her nervousness and urination in her pants. The psychologist says that Halit John is depressed and asks Yildiz to come to the next meeting with Chata.
At the restaurant, Omar tells Janar and Amir that he intends to go to Dubai. They are upset that they will be unemployed again. Omar says Ekin can buy the restaurant.
Janar and Amir go to Ekin’s house. Ekin takes a heavy bag to his room and asks them to help. They suspect that it may be inside a corpse bag. Janner secretly goes to the room and looks at the sack. Then he comes down and tells Amir that he was in the food bag and they have become pessimistic for no reason.
Janer and Amir talk to Ekin about the restaurant and ask him to buy the restaurant for life. Ekin says he is not bored with the restaurant. They insist and say that they take care of the restaurant themselves. Ekin finally accepts.
Azgi calls Comero at Doan’s house to find out. Aisel notices Azgi’s words and informs the sky that Komro is in Azgi’s house.

Watch:   Sibe Mamnoee Serial - Duble - 376
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