Sibe Mamnoee Serial – Duble – 374


Ghamzeh goes home to Yildiz and reminds him that tomorrow is the opening day of the sale of their bracelets. Yildiz, who had forgotten, calls Janer and asks him to gather their wealthy customers in the restaurant for tomorrow so that they can have a bracelet show.

In the chatty company, he goes to Doan’s room and complains to him that he kicked Komro out of the house. Duane gets angry and asks her not to mention her daughter’s name. Chatai sarcastically says that all the women in Doan’s life love him. At that moment, Yildiz calls Chata about Halit Jan. Chatai deliberately talks to Yildiz in front of Doan in a friendly tone and makes Doan nervous. Then he comes out and continues his normal conversation with Yildiz.

At home, the sky informs Yildiz that Comero has gone to Azgi’s house. Yildiz decides to bring Kumro home anyway to make himself popular with Duan, and then to make Kumro leave the house with his harassment so that Duan is no longer to blame and has no remorse.
Amir and Janar say goodbye to Omar at a restaurant because he intends to go to Dubai.

When Doan goes home, Yildiz says he goes to Omar’s farewell party. Duane says he does not have the patience to go there and asks Yildiz to go alone. In the house of Chatai, Andar is also prepared to go to Omar’s party. Chatai does not go there because of his problem with Omar.

At the party, Ander and Yildiz argue. Ander tells Yildiz that he has forcibly and cun

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ningly approached Duan. Yildiz gets angry and spills wine on the bag. Ander also tears up Yildiz’s coat. The rest separate them.
Doan is in the yard and Chatai deliberately goes there to make Doan nervous with his words. He asks Doan when they want to end their fake marriage with Yildiz. Dowan says their marriage is real and then sarcastically asks Chata and Ander about their marriage date. Chatai says they are in no hurry and is waiting for the couple to get divorced first.

At night at Azgi’s house, Azgi tells Kumro that Doan is upset about Kumro’s absence. Comro says happily that he will soon realize what an injustice he has done to her. One of Azgi’s neighbors goes to his house. Azgi says that Kumro is one of his colleagues. Azgi’s neighbor asks Kamro about the absence of Azgi from Komgi, who is Azgi’s employer, and confronts him in front of Komero, saying that Azgi has complimented him. Azgi is embarrassed and leaves his neighbor. Comero tells X that he ignores the scandal because of the good he has done for him.

The next day at Doan’s house, Yildiz tells Doan that he wants to go to the opening ceremony of the sale of their bracelets at the restaurant, and then goes to Bursa at night to meet a friend. He picks up his suitcase and leaves the house.

Ander and Chatai are going to a company event where export awards are to be presented. To make Chata nervous, Duan, knowing that the story of Chata and Andar’s engagement is fake, says at the export awards ceremony in front of everyone that today Andar and Chata want to announce their wedding date. He puts them into practice. When Ander grows old to receive his award, he inevitably announces a date in front of everyone.

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