Sibe Mamnoee Serial – Duble – 375


Yildiz goes to Azgi’s house after the opening ceremony. Comero is surprised to see him. He asks Yildiz to leave. Yildiz tells Comro that he must return home, otherwise he will stay with her and live with them to make her nervous. Then he takes his suitcase to the room. Kumro gets nervous about Yildiz’s work.

Andar and Chatai are returning from the ceremony in the car. Andan is nervous that he forced them to specify the date of the marriage. Chatai says that when the time comes, they will announce that they are separated. Ander says that the news of separation means nervousness and failure, and he does not accept this failure. Chatai, who has no plans to marry Ander, says they will find a solution by then.

In the restaurant, Omar says goodbye to Janar, Amir and Ekin, hands over the restaurant he left to Ekin and goes to Dubai.
In the company, an employee named Tawfiq constantly harasses and harasses Merich. Merich gets nervous and argues successfully.

Duane hears them arguing and calls Merich to his room. He asks Merich what their problem is. Merich says that Tawfiq bothers him and gives him things outside of his duties, and says sarcastically that there must be a connection between Doan and him, whom Doan gave him. Duane gets nervous and tells Chetin to fire Tawfiq.

On the night, Chetin informs Doan that Yildiz has gone to Azgi’s house in front of Comero. Doan realizes that Yildiz lied to him.

At Azgi’s house, Kumro says he is hungry. Yildiz forces her to cook and they go to the kitchen together. Yildiz is upset that Comero knows nothing. Yildiz tells Comero that he must look for work in order to earn a living. Then he calls Amir and Amir says that they need a waiter in the restaurant. Yildiz tells Comero to go to a restaurant tomorrow for an interview.
At Doan’s house, Chetin arrives and informs him that Yildiz has not gone to Bursa and has gone to Azgi’s house before Comero. He says he feels Yildiz did it for Doan to bring Azgi home.

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At night, Akin goes out of town to feed the dogs. Amir and Janer, who are suspicious of him, follow him. They disembark after leaving Tekin and the dogs attack them.

The next day, Comero goes to a restaurant. Ekin likes to see Comero and hires him immediately.

Chatty, Yildiz, and Halit Jan go to a psychologist. The psychologist says that because of Halit John, they should spend more time together as a family and go on trips, picnics and restaurants. Yildiz says he can not travel with her, but goes to a restaurant. After the meeting, he inevitably takes Halit Jan to the restaurant with Chata. Chatai conveys this to Duane through Sada’i to make him nervous.

At night, when Yildiz returns home, Duane calls him and tells him that he no longer wants their marriage to be Syrian and wants to have a real marriage because he loves Yildiz. Yildiz is shocked.
Komro is a knock on the door at home. He is shocked to see his mother when he opens the door.

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