Sibe Mamnoee Serial – Duble – 377


At Doan’s house, he complains that Yildiz is spending time with Chata and says he intends to make their marriage a reality.

Comero’s mother goes to Azgi’s house. Comero is shocked to see his mother. He angrily asks his mother to leave. Kumro’s mother is nervous that he’s kicked out of the house and asks Kumro to come with her, but Kumro refuses. You are reminded that his mother had left them and gone. Kumro’s mother, Handan, says calmly that she was not the first woman to leave her husband.

He then questions Comero’s current situation and blames Doan. Comro pulls out Handan.

At Doan’s house, Yildiz asks Doan to give him time to think about his offer.

Handan gets in the car. His aide says he finds out that Comero has been hired as a waiter in a restaurant. Handan gets angry and asks his assistant to find Doan’s home address for him.
At Ekin’s house, he tells Amir and Janer that a girl named Kumro is going to work as a waiter. Amir and Janer are shocked to hear the name of Kumro and say to themselves that it is not possible that this is their Kumro.

Halit John’s psychologist called Yildiz and said that Halit John’s father would come to him for a meeting. Yildiz goes to Chathai’s house and tells her about it. Ander constantly taunts Yildiz to harass him and expresses interest in Chata. Yildiz does not care.

After Yildiz leaves, Chathai goes to the room. Janer comes forward and says that he has heard that Comero is working in a restaurant. Ander is also surprised and does not believe. Yildiz is nervous that he is trying to make their marriage look real and trusts Duane.

Comero is ready to go to a restaurant for work. He tells Azgi that he can inform everyone, especially Doan, that his daughter has become a waitress at a restaurant. Then he goes.

Handan’s aide informs him that Doan has married Yildiz because of Comro’s greed. Then he tells about the story of Chata and Komro.
Handan goes to Doan’s house. Doan is surprised to see Handan. Handan asks Yildiz and Aseman to leave them alone. Duane angrily recalls that she left them years ago and became pregnant and married to someone else, and can no longer intervene in her and Comero’s affairs. Aisle goes to Yildiz and the sky and tells them Handan’s words.

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Handan tells Doan that his daughter grew up in a swan and now Doan has left her because of his new wife. Duan asks Handan to leave. When he goes to Doan, Handan tells his wife to remind him not to fall out with Kumro, otherwise he will be held accountable. Then he goes.

After Handan leaves, Yildiz comes to Doan. Duane says he does not want Comero to be influenced by his mother. Yildiz says it’s better to reconcile with Kumro and bring him home. Doan is hesitant.
They are surprised when they see Amir and Janer Comero as waiters in the restaurant.
In the office, the psychologist tells Chata that the family environment is good for Halit Jan, and that Chata should be more with Yildiz so that Halit Jan does not feel separated. Chatai says he is willing to do anything to calm Halit John down and maybe reunite with Yildiz.
Handan goes to the restaurant. He asks his assistant to send reporters there. Comero is very angry to see his mother and asks her to leave. Ekin takes Comro to another section. Janer and Amir come to Comero’s mother and meet her. When Handan finds out that Janer is Ander’s sister, he asks her to talk to his sister to see him. Janer calls Ander and tells him the story. Andar quickly prepares to visit Handan.
Meric reads the news of Comero’s waitress at the company and is shocked. He goes to the prayer room and tells the story. Doan also gets nervous and says to himself that this is Handan’s job. Then he leaves the company.

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Before leaving the company, Ander walks past Merrich’s room and hears his phone call. Merich tells his friend that Doan fired someone because of him, and that this is not a small thing. He asks his friend to send him to dinner for the night to be alone with Doan and understand his feelings.
Duane arrives at Ekin’s house and introduces himself to Ekin and wants to see Comero. Comero sighs and Duane asks him to get ready to go home. Comro refuses, saying he no longer needs Duan and asks him to leave. Ekin also asks Doan to leave his house. Duane gets nervous and leaves.
After leaving, Duane comforts Ekin Kumro, who is upset. He then offers to live in her house. Comro accepts.

Chathai goes to Halit John’s school to take him home. Another child’s parents praise their child and indirectly humiliate Halit John. Chathai gets nervous and tells the coach that he and Yildiz will have a book reading for the children tomorrow.
Chetin goes to the company and informs him that someone has threatened Yildiz in cyberspace.

Doan asks him to follow up and inform the cyber police. Doan contacts Yildiz and asks about this. Yildiz is embarrassed and says it does not matter. Yildiz asks Aseman to close Fick’s account immediately.
He goes to the restaurant in front of Handan and meets him. Handan asks Ander about Yildiz, and Ander slanders Yildiz, saying that he is causing the relationship between Doan and Comero to deteriorate. Handan says they must work to separate Doan and Yildiz. Ander confirms him. Ander says it helps.

After Handan leaves, Janner comes forward and asks him what Handan was doing to him.

Ander says that Handan is worried about his daughter and does not hesitate to let her and her daughter be together. He says the first step is for them to separate Doan and Yildiz. He then says that he has noticed Merich’s interest in Doan and that they should take advantage of this.

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Chathai contacts Yildiz and talks about the Halit John School issue. Yildiz is nervous and agrees to go to Halit John School tomorrow to prove to the child’s parents that they care about their child too. Yildiz goes to Chathai and together they choose a storybook to read to the children at school tomorrow. Then do not practice.

At night, Merich stays in the company, prepares food for himself and Doan, and takes him to Doan’s room. Ander informs one of the employees and when he finds out that Doan and Meric are in the company, he informs Handan that Yildiz is alone at home.

Handan goes to Doan’s house and offers Yildiz to leave Doan for money. Yildiz, nervous about Handan’s arrival, sarcastically accepts his offer at first. Then he angrily asks her to leave. Handan goes out and gives Yildiz’s audio file to his assistant to edit so he can give the first part to Doan.

The next day at the company, Ander goes to Merich and tells him that he knows how he feels about Doan and that Doan loves him, but because Meric is a friend of Comro, Doan does not want him to take action. Merich is happy and hopeful.

Yildiz and Chathai go to Halit Jan School and perform plays for the children and tell the story.

Handan goes to the company and plays Yildiz’s audio file for Doan, sarcastically telling Doan that he knows his wife. Doan says he knows of Handan’s offer to Yildiz and then plays the full audio file for him. Handan gets upset and nervous.

Yildiz intends to respond positively to Doan’s marriage proposal. He shows up and walks towards the company.

Merich goes to Doan’s room in the company. He expresses interest in Doan and kisses Doan. Immediately Yildiz enters the room and sees them.

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