Sibe Mamnoee Serial – Duble – 378


When Merich kisses Doan, Yildiz enters Doan’s room and is shocked to see the scene. “I’m sorry to bother you,” he says greedily. Then he goes out quickly. Doan follows Yildiz and tries to explain to him, but Yildiz says he does not want to hear anything and leaves. Ander sees this scene in his room and is happy.

Doan returns to the room and angrily fights with Meric for his work. Merich says he did it because of the energy between them and the words he dug. Doan warns her that he is married and Merich must come to his senses and that he is just his girlfriend. Merich apologizes sadly and leaves.

Chatai plays Halit Jan at home. Sadaei says he feels he and Yildiz are reconciling again. Chatai says he does everything for his son and they have to see what happens.

Chathai calls Yildiz and says he wants to take Halit John to the game town and asks him to come. He says that Yildiz should go to the address he says and give the car to Sadaei and come with his chat machine.

Ander meets Handan and goes to him in the coffee shop and happily announces that his plan has been carried out and Yildiz’s trust in Doan has been lost. He says he will continue to provoke Meric towards Doan.

Sadaei deliberately takes Yildiz’s car switch to Doan’s house and delivers it to Aisel, saying that Chata and Yildiz are together. Aisel tells the story. Sky gets nervous and calls Yildiz to get an account from him. Yildiz says they talk when he gets home.

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Handan goes to the restaurant. Comero gets nervous when he sees her and asks her to leave. Handan urges Comero to go somewhere with him. Comero reluctantly accepts.

Chetin informs Doan that Yildiz has not gone home. Doan contacts Yildiz. Yildiz greedily says that he came to the amusement park with Chata and Halit Jan. Doan asks him for a chance to explain everything. Yildiz reminds them that they are not a real couple. He then says that they will talk later and hangs up. Duane is upset that Chathai is taking every opportunity to approach Yildiz.

Handan takes Comro to a house and tells him to go there to live and stop working in restaurants. Comero greedily says he does not want to see her. Then he goes.

Merich goes to Ander’s house and argues with him because Ander lied to him. Ander repeats his words and says that Doan has denied his interest in him because of Yildiz. Ander says that Doan loves him and will come to him again.
At Ekin’s house, Ghamzeh talks to Ekin about Kumro and asks if he has fallen in love with Kumro. Ekin denies such a thing and says that because Comero’s life has been like his past, he understands and supports him. Handan immediately goes to Ekin’s house and asks him to help him see Kumro.

Yildiz inadvertently hits the ball in the eye when he throws the ball at the playground. They go to the hospital and the doctor bandages the chateau eye, which has not been particularly damaged. Chatai asks the doctor to give him a few days off so that his ex-wife can feel remorse and they can reconcile. The doctor does not accept such a thing. Chatai leaves the room and goes to Yildiz. Then Yildiz and Chatai each go home.

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At Doan’s house, he goes to Yildiz’s room and wants to talk to him, but Yildiz still does not want to hear anything. After the prayer, Aseman goes to Yildiz’s front room and Yildiz tells the story of kissing Meric. Sky does not believe in the relationship between Meric and Doan and blames Yildiz for going out with Chata.

At night, Merich calls Chata and puts her in the cafe. He tells the story of Doan to Chata and says that he played her inside. Chatai says that it is good for him to get closer to Doan, and in doing so, Yildiz separates from Doan, leaving Doan for Meric.

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