Sibe Mamnoee Serial – Duble – 382


Chetin went to Doan’s room at the company and reported that Kumro had been poisoned. Doan rushes to the hospital.
In the hospital, Komro is better and in the room with Ekin. A little later, Doan arrives and asks about Comero. He asks Comro to return home. Comro, who has softened, accepts.

Jamal goes to Handan and says that Kumro has been poisoned. Handan is worried. Jamal says that Kumro is fine, but the main problem is that Kumro has returned to Doan’s house. “Coming back home is not good for us,” Handan said nervously.

At Doan’s house, everyone gathers at the dinner table. Yildiz is pleased to announce that Comero has returned home. Shortly afterwards, Handan heads to Doan’s house and says that he had just heard the news of Comero’s poisoning and was worried. He also eats food. Doan and Yildiz are nervous about his arrival. Handan begins by describing Comero’s childhood and his marriage to Doan, and discusses the expenses Duane paid for them. He tries to make Yildiz greedy.

The next day, Doan keeps calling Handan, but he does not answer. The people of Doan immediately stop Handan’s car and give him the phone. Doan is behind the line, arguing with Handan about not answering his phone. He then threatens her that he does not want to see her around Comero anymore and has to leave the country. Handan greedily says that he has found his daughter after all these years and will not leave her in any way. He then returns the phone to the people in question.
Ander speaks on the phone under the pretext of costume design and brings the discussion to Handan. Rifat slanders Handan and says that he is not in a good financial position and shows himself to be rich.

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Jamal goes to Handan at home and informs him that his bank installment has expired and the landlord wants his money. Handan gets angry and says he’s the only way to make money is to kill Doan and get Kumro’s legacy.
The next day, Yildiz, Chata, and Halit Jan go to Halit Jan’s new school for football. At the end of the game, Chathai asks Yildiz to be reunited and start all over again.

Ekin quickly hugs Comero and takes him to the hospital. Amir contacts Yildiz and informs him that Kumro has been poisoned and taken to the hospital. Yildiz asks him to tell him about Comero again.

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