Sibe Mamnoee Serial – Duble – 382


Amir announces the poisoning of Kumro.

Chetin informs Doan. Duane walks to the hospital.

Now Comro is better and he is alone with Ekin.

Comro agrees to come home.

Jamal informs Handan.

He says the problem is that Comero is returning to Doan’s house.

Handan gets angry.

At home, Doan Yildiz is apparently happy.

Handan sneaks in and joins the others at the dinner table.

Handan talks about his old life, Comero and Doan, to find out about Yildiz’s lodge.

Tomorrow, Doan is angry that Handan does not answer his phone and tells him to leave the country. Handan, however, excuses
his daughter for being there where he wants to stay.

Ander speaks loudly and draws the discussion to Handan under the pretext of costume design. He realizes that his financial situation is badly damaged.

Jamal goes to Handan and informs him that the due date of the bank loans has arrived. They are thinking of killing Duan. Chathai urged Yildiz to reunite and start a new life.

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