Sibe Mamnoee Serial – Duble – 383


Yildiz does not respond to Chatai’s words at school. They are on their way back from school. Chathai reopens the discussion and asks Yildiz to be together. Yildiz says sarcastically that it’s a little late and that he should have thought about it before betraying Kumro. Chatai says he is right, but he is making up for the past.

Yildiz says she can no longer trust Chata and now has a husband. Chatai says he knows their marriage is only on paper. He asks Yildiz to run away together and go to another country. Yildiz gets nervous and asks him to end the discussion.

In the car, Handan tells Jamal to make appointments for people whom Ghamzeh wants to see in Brazil so that he can believe it.

At home, Ander tells Janer that he has to walk on it for a while and not bring anything on himself so that he can solve everything about Handan.
When Yildiz goes home, he calls Amir and asks him to go. Amir goes to Doan’s house and Yildiz explains Chata’s words to Amir and feels sorry for him.
Sky goes to his friend’s house to play poker. He loses the game and wants to leave, but his friend says that he can not leave the table in the middle of the game and if he wants he can borrow money from the game box.

At the company, Chathai deliberately greets Doan and tells him that he died in the morning with Yildiz for Halit School. Doan calls Yildiz and asks what he has done today. Yildiz says he came to Halit School with Chathai. Doan tries to pretend to be normal and says nothing.
Ander and Handan are in the cafe. Ander says that Merich’s plan did not hurt and they had to draw another plan. Handan suggests that Doan be portrayed as a miser to Yildiz, because no woman can bear to live with a miser. As they leave the café, they see Yildiz coming out of the mason, who has bought a lot. Handan taunts Yildiz for spending Yildiz and being stingy. Yildiz does not care and leaves.

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Handan goes to Ekin’s house in Ghamzeh and says that he has done the work of sending him to Brazil. Grief is very happy. Handan asks Ghazal about Ekin’s feelings for Comero, and Ghazan says that he also feels that there is something between them.
Sky goes home and Yildiz tells him about Chathai’s talk. The sky becomes nervous from this work.

Comero goes to the company and tells Doan that Handan had called him and wanted to see him, but he did not care. After Comero leaves, Doan calls Handan again and threatens him to stay away from Comero and leave.

At night, Handan deliberately goes to Ekin’s restaurant to show himself so that everyone knows that he is not going anywhere.
At home, Ander asks Chatty to go to a restaurant for dinner. Chatai reminds them that they are not really candidates and he seems to have taken the issue seriously. Ander says he has not forgotten, but is bored at home. Chatai inevitably accepts.

They go to Ekin restaurant. Handan is there with Jamal. A little later, the owner of Handan’s rental car comes there and asks for his rent. Handan pretends that his assistant failed to pay the rent. Handan’s assistant goes out with the car owner to talk about the account and the book. Ander looks at Handan’s desk from a distance and is curious about what has happened.

Amir texted Yildiz and said that Chathai and his fiancé had come to the restaurant. Yildiz gets upset that Chathai claims he wants her, but they leave him with time.
The next day, Ghamzeh sees a bloody T-shirt between Ekin’s clothes. Ekin says his arm was cut off. When the grief comes out, he hears from the others about the beating of the man who was harassing the others. He speculates that it may be Ekin’s job.
Halit’s chat takes John home. He then calls Yildiz on the pretext that Halit has fallen to the ground and takes Yildiz to his house. Yildiz is surprised to see a house decorated with flowers and candles and a photo of themselves. Chatai plays a video he made with their own photos for Yildiz. He again asks Yildiz to be together as before and tells them to run away together. Yildiz gets nervous and dies with Halit.

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