Sibe Mamnoee Serial – Yasak Elma – Forbiden Apple Part 138


In the continuation of the many romantic adventures and conspiracies of the Forbidden Apple series, you will reach episode 138.

Chathai is angry about the incident and Sadaei asks him not to frighten him with his new decisions.

Yildiz enters the company hand in hand. There are new differences between Kumro and Doan, and Doan says you should respect your father.

Angry Kumro’s confrontation with the determined and evil Yediz has now reached a new stage, and of course the sky is angry with his daughter. Stealing Husband is the norm, but She can still keep the audience waiting week after week.

Inner is angry but uncontrollable. The story becomes a crime and the bullets are fired.

We saw that Chata seriously invited him to get married after embracing Yildiz at Halitujan Kindergarten. But this time he took Yildiz to his house to make him feel emotional in a romantic atmosphere, under the pretext of Halitujan and with family photos with Halitujan.

Impressed, Yildiz ridiculed Chata’s offer to leave.

But well, his heart is stained for Chata and their being together.

Yildiz picks up the story and tells it in detail. The sky gets angry, and of course Yildiz becomes aware of the chat’s successive games and is determined to confront him.

He goes to Chata’s phone and has a romantic dialogue with Kumro so that Yildiz can feel the same way.

Yildiz went to Doan from Lodge and offered him a real marriage. Yildiz gives Chatai another chance at the same time, and now he eats Yildiz’s goal chat.

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Yildiz, however, is preparing for a big event. At the same time, in a hall and a day, he walks around the chata and goes to Doan in a wedding dress.

Andr is also surprised by this situation. Now the result of the whole affair is that he lost Doan because of his stubbornness and plans, and of course, it is not a ploy.

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