Sibe Mamnoee Serial – Yasak Elma – Forbiden Apple Part 139 (S05E29) English Subtitle


Komroo formalizes his relationship with Akin and introduces him to Dogan.

Comro invites you to dinner. Handan also takes the opportunity and enters the dinner party.

Handan, knowing that Dogan hates him, kisses Akin in front of him to show him signs of Dogan’s anger.

At the dinner table, he continues his behavior and introduces Akin to Doan’s grumpy and angry face so that he can believe him.

Duane becomes jealous when he finds out that his son loves Akin and Akin is the son of his old enemy. The quarrel escalates and Akin intends to leave. Eventually, there is a conflict between Akin and Dogan and there is a fight.

Dogan faints and appears to have been killed by Akin’s blows.

Episode 29 is the twenty-ninth episode of season five of Yasak Elma. The episode premieres Monday, April 18th, 2022 on FOX .

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