Yasak Elma Series Episode 141 English Subtitle


Episode 30 (141) is the thirtieth episode of season five of “Yasak Elma“.

One of the scenarios for the upcoming episode of the Forbidden Apple series is the marriage of Akin and Kumro.

According to this fragment, Akin’s head was found after a few days while he was healthy, and it shocked everyone, especially Doan and Kumro.

Comroo goes to Akin and asks about the separation text messages he sent, Akin denies everything but does not define the essence of the story and tries to reconcile Komro.

Comro, who is upset with Akin, does not accept his words and does not welcome him, but he continues to find out about the differences and conflicts between his father, Doan and Akin, and realizes that what happened is definitely under his father.

Kumro was probably informed through Chetin or Chetay that he had anesthetized Doan Akin and intended to kill him.

Extremely nervous about his father.

Comroo goes to Akin and offers him revenge on his father.

Komro asks Akin to marry him and go to Doan with their marriage certificate and put him into action.

Akin, who is looking for a good opportunity to harass Doan, accepts Comero’s offer and immediately does the marriage work.

After the work is completed, Kumro and Akin go to Duane with their marriage certificate.

They inform him that they are married and officially married.

Duane is shocked to hear his daughter speak.

stares in disbelief at Kumro and Akin.

It should be noted that this is just one of the possibilities for the next episode of the Forbidden Apple series.

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for detailed information about the events and adventures of the series, we have to wait until the release of the new episode of the series.

The episode premieres Monday, April 25th, 2022 on FOX TV .

We will go back to the past. We see a place that

Chetin is moving Akin’s half-dead body into the car.

Chatai, however, sees them from a distance. Chases them.

When Chetin is relieved, Chetin rescues Akin and all plans are dashed.

Doan meets Akin and asks him what do you want from me?

The answer is seeking my justice.

Chetin has fallen out of Duan’s eyes.

Duane says find the one who saved Akin so I can not see you.

Duane has also lost some of his distance from Chetin, Kumro and Yildiz.

Kumro is angry and gets angry and leaves.

Chathai also tries to get closer to Yildiz and use it to keep him away from Doan, who is now a potential killer.

Who is satisfied? Endar! He wants to get as close as possible to Doan and fill Yildiz’s vacancy.

Yasak Elma Series Episode 141 English Subtitle
Yasak Elma Series Episode 141 English Subtitle
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