Soda Serial Part 10


At the same time, Tina arrives and Daniel car rides They are going to go to the hospital since Mehran is a fugitive offender.

They go to medicine that uses one of his rooms as the operating room.

Surgery Mehran and the bullets out of her body He brings to the next time Dr. Tina goes and says that they have lucked and Mehran has survived. In ahead of Mehran, he says he never understood how much he loves, even when the petition was divorced. He goes outside the room and cries.

Tomorrow, Mehran, who opens his eyes, sees her daughter. In the way he calls Hormuz. With his wife, his daughter returns Fatemeh from the hospital and goes back to Mehran.

Mehran and Daniel and Hormuz are sitting alongside each other. He wants Mehran who does not move much. Let’s know Mehran, and now it’s all the thought of revenge.

Night, Mehran and Daniel and Hormoz go to the house The phone has turned off.

Inside Hormuz and Arash are involved with each other and kills Arash Hormuz.

Outside from Daniel’s house asks Mehran to go to Hormuz? Suddenly, Mehran Sarah sees the home of Arash.
“For some time before”

Sarah has designed her stolen map in collaboration with Arash. Sarah’s invades him to the chair, and they make him pretending to be beaten. Then they take the film. It is pretending to be afraid and It’s beaten. He acts for Sarah and says that the actor should be cinematic.

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Suddenly, several people arrive in a storage that Sarah and Arash are in and shoot them. Now, and meteor, says that they have made trouble for Mehran and have made him surrender himself to the police.

Sarah says that Mehran fools himself. When the meteor, he welcomes the meteor, he wants to play the game to his desire and pretend that Sarah is dead.

He says that he needs Sarah’s body. That the girl of Grimmuri, who was bidding as the body of counterfeit sara.

Some time after Shahab masked his face and against the eyes of Mehran, a girl who wears Sarah’s clothing in the car and explodes the car with a bomb.

Arash and Sarah put the body of Hormuz into the car. Education and Mehran watch them. And Sarah goes somewhere outside the city and bury the corpse Say.

Some time later, the antique smuggling case, talks with Major Mehri responsible for the death of Hormuz, and defines the story of antique trafficking and its connection with Hormuz’s death.

Mehran and Daniel return home. In the Mehran chamber, it enters the room. And he wants him to forgive him and a woman who entered his life into black soil and has been dead until the death.

In the first time, he forgiven him for their daughter.

Soda Episode 8 Teaser

Mehran dies and his body is turned upside down.

Bita is struggling with the bad things in her life.

The doctor says to Shahab and Arash, ” Do you know what danger you have posed to me and my group ” With this stupid show you started?

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Again, we will see a series of shootings of innocent people this time.

It seems that this story goes back to Prinaz and the people that Arash loves, and Shahab makes Arash angry about this issue.
There is also a competition between Shahab and Arash.

The shadow police are approaching the shadows.

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