Soda Serial Part 5


Shahab and Prinaz talk about a courtship party. Finally, Prinaz tells Shahab that I talked to the suitor. Each of us loved the other. Prinaz says that Shahab should be aware of the seriousness of his interest.

Fatemeh tells her mother why Baba left us in this situation and left? The family of Hormoz, who is in prison, talks about his hiding and their ignorance. The girl says I do not know how many more days I will be alive, then my father will be involved and he can not be. Ask me? The mother is crying.

Shahab asks the boy in his car for the statistics of the gun, where it came from and who brought it.

Bita is talking on the phone about the bad conditions of her life. We see him in the memoir.

Mehran asks Arash to send an address to the other party in a way that they cannot trace. The doctor picks up the phone and Mehran tells him behind the public phone, “I think the major has overheard his phone.” He knows Sarah’s case, and he probably knows tomorrow. The location has changed. Send Shahab to the office to arrange things.

Mehran wants a trailer, a van and two drivers from Shahab to be ordinary. The police are aware of everything and arrest those trailers. In the trailer, the image of Sarah is tied to a chair and Mehran is shocked.

Mehran went to the doctor and said that the soldier knew everything, both the consignment and Sara and came to me to make a deal. In her own words, Sarah’s freedom in return for my confession and a name. Is looking for you. The doctor laughs.

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The doctor says let her be happy and she leaves. He tells Mehran, who is embarrassed, you know. You better take the right steps.

Fatemeh is on the bus with her mother. His mother says we are going to see Baba.

Mehander is in the police department and is busy trading. Mehran says I made a mistake. It can not be concluded with you. Without you, one’s life is in danger. What you want puts the lives of others at risk. The police ask him where he is. Mehran says I will show you.

Fatemeh has met her father in prison. Hormoz asks why did you come? Who informed you?

During the interrogation session, Mehran sat down and filled out the forms. He says, “I will not let a hair fall out of the ox I love because of me.” Arash comes to him and asks what he said, let me help him.

Arash is apparently behind some of the adventures, and he is the one who managed the programs, including the theft of Negar, including what happened in the previous episode in the parking lot.

Bita comes to talk to Mehran. The police do not allow it. He asks Mehran, who has his hands tied, what has happened to you? Mehran says you are disappointing your family. You filed for divorce. I do not have the time, opportunity and patience. And he sits in the police car to go.

When they arrive, Mehran and the police see that the center where Sarah was probably located explodes and catches fire.

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In the following, we will review the memories of Mehran and Sara in her memories in prison.

Amir goes home and his mother tries to acquit Uncle Mehrab and satisfy the problems. He tells Amir that he also had a fight with Mehrab, but something happened. Amir gets angry and says it does not matter to me whether I am permanent or my wife or anyone else. Homa tells her son she wanted to make up for it. After that, he was taken care of for 4-5 months in Turkey. He spent it and helped him. Amir realizes that his uncle saw the future after that incident.

In the next picture, we see that Mehrab has taken a large place with the intention of becoming a gallery cafe for the future. The future tries to show that itis tasteful. Alireza enters and says that I have done the work there, all that is left is for them to come and sign the office.

Alireza congratulates Mehrab on his future flirtations and adds that I have hot news for you that I can not tell you here. The next image enters a house and says see what party we have for you. He invites Samin inside the house and Samira hugs him. AA

Samin says we work in a boutique. He spreads his umbrella inside the house of Samira and Alireza. The cause of his red eyes is sleep deprivation due to working in a boutique.

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