Soda Serial Part 7


What we need to know for episode 7 of the Soda series

We saw that Mehran was beaten in prison. Shahab and Prinaz are talking and drinking juice. Prinaz talks about longing for a family and expresses love.

The doctor is talking to a place that is apparently from above. The meteor comes to him and collects information and gives it to him. Print Perinaz contacts. Shahab tries to dissuade him from being suspicious. But the doctor still wants to know more about his daughter’s work.

Shahab asks Prinaz who do you consult loudly and painfully with during the day? Prinaz takes him to his mother’s grave.

Memories of childhood and the death of his mother do not leave him. We see a picture in which the mother died in exchange for the girl being alive.

In the morning someone calls the doctor and says I want it all. A good deal is on the way for the doctor.

The shipment must be delivered in Izmir in two days. Arrested by police at the same time. The doctor says that you no longer need to coordinate with Mehran and that you can communicate directly with me with Shahab.

Hormoz, Fatemeh’s father, told the story to his wife. Mehran is in the cell. Mehran is suspicious of Arash. Mehran and his friend are handcuffed in prison and taken out of the ward. We see scenes of clashes on the way to Mehran’s transfer.

Arash and Bita are with the police and the police advise them. Mehran has escaped and calls the doctor. Announces his arrival. He says things have happened that I have to tell you about.

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The doctor angrily announces Mehran’s release to Shahab. He says let Arash know and let’s go to him.

The meeting takes place. Mehran tells the doctor that everything was under Arash. He does this for money and his hand is in a bowl with Ghafouri. Shahab also enters and they say Ghafouri is America and only Arash is to blame. The doctor says that’s why I brought him here. Arash was sent inside the shed to Mehran. They face each other and Mehran wants to attack him.

When Mehran speaks calmly, he is shot in the back. Arash says he was in my hands for a while. But I lost it somewhere. I have to continue this game. Sorry. The meteor strikes the second arrow from the front.

A friend of Mehran prison who is out buys and comes. He hears the sound of arrows and runs. The doctor tells Mehran, who is dying, that you should not have done this to yourself for a girl. forgive me. They go and Mehran’s friend arrives.

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