Soda Serial Part 9

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Bita asks him do you want to take Fatima to the doctor? “Think I’m your sister and tell me everything,” she says.

Colonel says how can I endanger the safety of others when one of the people in the case is killed? He tells his superiors that I can no longer continue. But he is commanded to do so.

The doctor sits in his office and receives a note that changes his mood. Arsh enters. The doctor says I do not like to be sunny. You burned a man who was a customer for me for years. Someone I raised myself. Arash says he wants the opportunity to prove himself. The doctor agrees.

Arash hands the key to someone and says that it is Mr. Mehran’s key and you should give it to Shahab.

Sarah tells Arash it’s better to gather the story before I do anything. And before that, please let me know.

Prinaz and Shahab are seeing a new house.

Sarah tells Arash that Hekmat has already contacted the outside world. And sent some photos. Is America.

On the other side, Prinaz and Shahab are in the restaurant, and the doctor’s drivers send a photo of them to the doctor.

When Prinaz arrives, the doctor arrives and becomes his screw. And they whisper in his ear.

Shahab enters the doctor’s room. The doctor asks him, “Where have you been since morning?” Shahab says I had a job. The doctor asks what was the important thing that you could not answer your phone? Meteor makes excuses. The doctor says I feel I have to remind you of things you have forgotten. Shahab decides to run away when he is captured. Prinaz was also thrown into the room and the door was locked. The doctor says, “Were you the girl who was with Perinaz?” Faraz says, “Mr. betrayal.” The doctor says that I gathered on the street, wet and dry like my own child, and that you betrayed me.

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Bita tells Mehran that I want to make an appointment with Arash to see if anything can be pulled out of him. Mehran denies. Bita says there are things you do not know. I will tell you in time. Bita wants to visit Arash as their formal divorce lawyer

The meteor, which is well beaten, is told by the doctor to put it in storage. An officer takes food for Perinaz, but she beats the officer from behind and anesthetizes him. He also takes the keys from his pocket and goes to the warehouse where the meteor fell. And together they want to escape.

The doctor enters the house. A woman says come until the food is cold. He sits at the table. Tonight is their wedding anniversary. While having breakfast, the doctor’s phone rings and he is informed that Perinaz has escaped.

Ghafouri went home. An old man who is a caretaker greets him. Dissatisfied with the condition of the garden. Mehran follows up and says take his statistics for me because I do not know that he left the game so easily.

Shahab misses and seeks to find a home with Prinaz. Prinaz says let’s go to the hospital. Shahab answers, “Our father has made our skin thicker than these words.”

Faraz goes to the house where Shahab was caught and tries to get information from them by running a business.

Shahab and Prinaz give the driver 5 million to take them to Kermanshah. On the way to Kermanshah

In a meeting with Sarah, Arash talks about “interaction” with a man and says that he wants to introduce Ms. Mehrabi to the boss. Arash knows that Ghafouri came to Iran.

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