Kuruluş: Osman Series Episode 138 English Subtitles Recap

Will Üstat Gera and Karacelasun Form an Alliance? Karacelasun has come to Uçlar to avenge his brother Akcelasun. He encounters Üstat Gera. Will Üstat Gera and Karacelasun ally? What will be the terms between them? Malhun Hatun’s Move That Upsets Holofira! Orhan Bey and Holofira’s love grows stronger. But a move by Malhun Hatun greatly […]

Safir Turkish Series Episode 13 | Summary | English Subtitles

After witnessing intimacy between Feraye and Yaman, Ateş becomes determined to uncover the truth. He confronts everyone individually with difficult questions, but no one answers honestly since they are protecting dangerous secrets. Meanwhile, Aleyna also grows suspicious, but her accusations are dismissed as unreliable – except by Ateş. As Yaman investigates being locked in with […]

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