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Filimo (in Persian: فیلیمو) is a home theater distribution platform in Iran, whose competitors include Namava and Filmnet.

It operates outside of Iran under the name of Televika and is affiliated with Saba Idea Company, which also manages a service such as Aparat as a native of YouTube.

This collection is criticized for copyright infringement as well as an obstacle to removing the YouTube filter.

Filimo movies and TV series are advertised on billboards on Iranian highways, and Digikala order boxes are sometimes delivered with a design of the movies.

One of the most popular series offered by Filimo can be Wounded Work, Neighbors and I Want to Live.

The name of Filimo service was initially Filimo device.

With the first work he produced, the (Nahange Abi) Blue Whale series, it has taken on its current form and image.

Filimo says it has more than 400,000 subscribers.

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