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Leila’s Brothers (Baradaran Leila)

Saeed Roustayi movie 2022

Navid Mohammadzadeh as Alireza, Leila’s brother
Payman Maadi
Tareneh Alidoosti: in the role of Leila
Farhad Aslani
Saeed Poursamimi in the role of Leila’s father

Screening at Cannes Film Festival 2022 Saeed Roustayi has previously directed the films Eternal, One Day and Six and a Half Meters.

Producer: Javad Norouzebeigi
Genre: Drama
Cinematographer: Hooman Behmanesh

Baradarane Leila - Leila's Brothers
Baradarane Leila – Leila’s Brothers

He did not participate in the Fajr Film Festival Festival.