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Mohammad Shah

Mohammad Shah Qajar was the grandson of Fath Ali Shah and the son of Abbas Mirza. He was the father of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar.

Among the Qajar kings, Mohammad Shah was the third. Before reaching the throne, he was known as the second crown prince and was called Mohammad Mirza.

Mohammad Shah was born in Tabriz. Mohammad Shah’s Sufi influences and tendencies were the result of Mirza Aghasi’s teachings.

He was a shy child, a brilliant calligrapher.

During the Iran-Russia War, he served as Crown Prince, commanded by his father, Abbas Mirza. But what happened when Abbas Mirza became the king of Iran? After his father’s death, a council was formed and he was elected king of Iran. He was then summoned to Tehran and came to Tehran with Farahani’s deputy at the time. He inherited the positions from his father.

Accompanying the new prime minister was Farahani’s deputy, who suppressed insurgents throughout Iran and calmed the situation.

When the relationship between Mohammad Shah and Ghaem Magham was severed, he was fired and then executed.

Haji Mirza Aghasi became the next prime minister to march on Herat and eventually retreat by occupying Khark Island. It was during his time that the governor of Baghdad attacked Khorramshahr and Iran and the Ottomans went to the brink of war because of it.

Mohammad Shah had gout and this had a great impact on his rule. His physical condition gradually declined and at the age of 42, after 14 years of Qajar rule, he died and he was buried in the shrine of Hazrat Fatemeh Masoumeh.

The first secular movements emerged in Iran during the reign of Mohammad Shah. Mohammad Shah Qajar’s implicit support for them drew criticism from Shiite clerics, who called it unprecedented in Iran. Mohammad Shah Qajar considered customary rule more appropriate than sharia rule.