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Namava (in Persian: نماوا ) is a home cinema distribution platform in Iran, which was launched in 1992 by the Shuttle Internet Services Company. Its previous name was Movie Land and it was renamed Namava with the production and release of the series Years Away from Home in 1998.

Unlike its rival, Filimo, Televika and Filmnet, the platform has focused on competitions alongside serials. Namava is accused by some users of having consolidated its position by closing down some film distribution sites in Iran.

Netflix is ​​one of the protagonists of the Namava platform, which believes that some of its works have been copied by Nemava and published without copyright.

Among the famous works broadcast in Namava, we can mention the professional series, Siavash, Khosoof, Ghorbaghe, Khatoon, and soon the secret network of women (Shabakeye Makhfie Zanan) and Lily’s turn (Nobate Leili) will be broadcast from Namava.