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Naser al-Din Shah Qajar

Nasser al-Din Shah was a powerful Qajar king during whose time his prime minister, Amir Kabir, was killed in the Finn Bath.

It is said that he was one of the first Iranian photographers. He was interested in traveling to France and was the source of many films after the revolution. In its latest, in 1401, the Jeeran series is based on Nasser al-Din Shah’s love for Khadijeh Tajrishi.

Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar came to the throne in Iran after Mohammad Shah.

He was called Shah Shahid before his reign, Qibla of the world, Sultan Sahebqaran, before the reign of Nasser al-Din Mirza, and after his assassination after 50 years of reign.

His title is Sahebqarani because he experienced 50 years of reign. An experience that no kingdom in the history of Iran has ever had.

Nasser al-Din Shah is the only king who went to Europe to watch and understand Western civilization. During the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah, Amir Kabir killed Seyyed Ali Mohammad Bab, the founder of the Babi religion, and Nasser al-Din Shah assassinated Amir Kabir, his prime minister.

Nasser al-Din Shah was born in one of the villages of the Esco subdivision in Azerbaijan, called Kahnamo. He was the third child of Mohammad Mirza and Malek Jahan Khanum (Mahd Olya). His father was from the Qavanlu tribe and his mother was from the Qoljar tribe. The decree of Crown Prince Nasser al-Din Mirza was read in Tabriz and had serious rivals. Mohammad Shah’s brothers, Nasser’s uncles, question his crown prince because of his young age. Intra-tribal rivalries also caused Asif al-Dawla, his uncle, who was one of the Dulu, to try to prevent his crown prince, but eventually, with the decree of Mirza’s hero sponsoring Azerbaijan, he became the crown prince of Iran.

Nasser al-Din Shah was interested in traveling. His first trip was to Yerevan to convey his father’s greetings to Nikolai. The Tsar puts the Crown Prince on his knees and gives him a diamond ring.

During the gout period of his father, Mohammad Shah, Iran was involved in riots, and during the transition period of the government to the new young king, the management of the country was practically in the hands of the upper cradle, Malik Jahan Khanum, the mother of Nasser al-Din Shah. One of the most powerful women in the ruling class in recent centuries in Iran.

His prime minister is the famous Amir Kabir. During the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah and Amir Kabir, many events took place, such as the publication of the newspaper Vaqaye Etefaqiyah, the establishment of the Dar al-Fonun, acquaintance with Western civilization, the arrival of photography in Iran, and the like. Schools and theaters were built.

Nasser al-Din Shah was able to besiege Herat and start negotiations with the British ambassador.

Nasser al-Din Shah’s love stories have also become the source of books and serials. Mohsen Makhmalbaf Nasser al-Din Shah has made cinema, Ali Hatami has made a brilliant work like Sultan Sahebqaran, and in recent years, a vulgar work called Qibla Alam has been released in home cinema. In recent months, the series Jeeran, which is a story based on the true story of her love for Jeeran, Khadijeh Tajrishi, has been welcomed.

You can hear the true story of Nasser al-Din Shah’s love for his neighbors through the book counter, piece by piece.