Parviz Sabeti’s Murky Portrayal of His Role in SAVAK

In this interview, Parviz Sabeti discusses his position in Iran’s intelligence agency SAVAK. He claims to have new exposes, but provides little detail on SAVAK’s operations or his involvement. Sabeti aims to portray himself as moderate, neither hero nor villain. He critiques the Shah yet pledges allegiance to the prior system. Sabeti may seek to […]

Parviz Sabeti Manoto Part 2

Here is a summary report of the key points from the Parviz Sabeti documentary on Manoto TV: – Parviz Sabeti was an influential figure in the SAVAK intelligence agency in Iran. He shares insights into SAVAK’s founding, organization, key figures, and some major events and operations. SAVAK’s Establishment – SAVAK was formed based on a […]

Parviz Sabeti Manoto Part 3

The revolutionary guerrilla fever of the 1960s and 1970s had spread across different countries like Italy, Japan and Latin America. In Iran too, revolutionary groups emerged such as the Palestine group that was under the influence of the guerrilla atmosphere. By guerrilla they meant terrorism. Tudeh Party: They were connected to Russia. The Tudeh Party’s […]

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