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tonia valioghli
Tonia Valioghli

Tonia Vali Oghli is the record holder and the youngest member of the Iranian national swimming team.

At the age of 12, Tonya Vali-Oghli broke the 100m breaststroke record in 1974, and since this period coincided with the seventh Asian Games, she was able to enter the Iranian national team.

Tonya broke Iran’s record for the first time in 1974 before the Asian Games, and until 1999, She record remained.

Tonya Vali Oghli is a swimming champion before the Iranian revolution. His father was one of the sports managers of Sepah Bank Club, so Tonya was able to achieve a high level of progress in sports due to his father’s encouragement and his abilities and talents.

When he was 8 years old, he participated in the Crown Prince Cup in 1349 and won first place. In 1350, he became the first person to win the Crown Prince Cup in Tehran. Then, at the age of 11, he won first place in several categories in the incentive competitions held in Amjadieh, Tehran. In this way, the attention of professional coaches was drawn to a teenager who had a record. The teenager who managed to reach the third place in the competitions of the selected team of Tehran, which was for the public, and this was unprecedented.

At the age of 12, in 1974, he broke the 100-meter frog swimming record, and since this period coincided with the competitions of the seventh Asian Games, he was able to enter the Iranian national team.

After the revolution, Tonya immigrated to Germany and after a while, he was able to enter the University of Sports in Cologne. His specialty was table tennis and swimming, and he received his master’s degree in championship swimming, and was a swimming instructor throughout his studies until he was officially hired, as well as in charge of a sports team for competitions and in charge of a swimming club. Always one of the most successful women in society, especially in activities related to the women’s movement.
It is noteworthy that they have been living in San Francisco since 2011.