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Üç Kız Kardeş

Original Title: Uc Kiz Kardes
English Title: Three Sisters
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 13+ (each episode is 150 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Kanald
Broadcast Period: February 22, 2022 – Present
Production Company: Surec Film
Director: Eda Teksoz
Screen Writer: Betul Yagsagan (episodes 1-3); Nilufer Ozcelik (episodes 4-); Sevgi Yilmaz (episodes 4-)
Filming Locations: Ayvalik, Balikesir

Three Sisters tv series is an adaptation of a best-seller novel of the Turkish author Iclal Aydin with the same name.

The story takes place in Ayvalik in 1998.

Nesrin (Iclal Aydin) and Sadik (Reha Ozcan) have been married for 25 years. They have a happy life in a small town at the Aegean coast. They live happily together with their three daughters: Turkan (Ozgu Kaya), Donus (Almila Ada), and Derya (Melisa Berberoglu).

Turkan is the oldest daughter in the house. She is 22 years old and is known for her beauty all over the town. She is naïve, silent, pure, and romantic. She is like a girl who is born to be a perfect wife.

Donus is the second oldest daughter. She goes to high school and prepares for the national university exam. She loves reading and writing and eventually, she wants to write a novel.

Derya, on the other hand, is the youngest daughter. Like her sister Donus, she goes to high school and prepares for the national university exam. She is rebellious, clever, outspoken, lively, and strong.

Even though these three sisters have different personalities, they are very close to each other. They share one bedroom and at the same time, they share their dreams, disappointment, and happiness.

The lives of these three sisters change all of a sudden.

A well-known wealthy family (Korman family) asks for Turkan’s hand in marriage with their son Somer (Berker Guven). Within a month, Turkan and Somer get married and hold a fairy tale wedding ceremony.

Turkan dreams to have a happy marriage just like in fairytales. However, she finds herself stuck in the fairy-tale castle. On her wedding day, she realizes that her husband Somer has accepted this marriage without his consent.

Somer says that he will never become Turkan’s husband. He aims to get married to his girlfriend Mine (Nazli Senem Unal)and wants to return to London. Even if he is married, he does not end his relationship with Mine and continues to meet her.

Meanwhile, the lives of Donus and Derya turn upside down by a big secret from the past. The shadow of their past continues to follow them.

Nesrin and Sadik, on the other hand, do their best to protect their daughters. They do not want to reveal what happened 20 years ago in order to get their daughters from the edge of the cliff.

Three Sisters (Uc Kiz Kardes) tv series story is about the changing lives of three sisters Turkan, Donus, and Derya. Will Turkan find happiness in her marriage? Will Nesrin and Sadik manage to hide the truth about their past? Will Somer continue his love affair or start to love Turkan? Will Donus and Derya manage to pass the national university exam successfully? Will Donus manage to write a book that she has dreamed of?

Three Sisters (Uc Kiz Kardes) Tv Series Cast
Iclal Aydin as Nesrin Kalender
Reha Ozcan as Sadik Kalender
Ozgu Kaya as Turkan Kalender Korman
Almila Ada as Donus Kalender
Melisa Berberoglu as Derya Kalender
Berker Guven as Somer Korman
Nazli Senem Unal as Mine
Veda Yurtsever as Ruchan Korman
Tayfun Erarslan as Ozer Korman

Additional Cast Members
Anil Tetik as Hakan
Benian Donmez as Nezahat Kalender
Murat Cidamli as Ismet
Hakan Atalay as Fatih Kalender
Demircan Kacel as Mesut
Vural Sahanoglu as Serdar
Emre Kivilcim as Irfan
Ece Balic as Dilek
Serhan Susler as Nihat
Murat Parasayar as Doctor Metin