Teşkilat Series Episode 46 English Subtitles


Sardar managed to steal Yildirim from his home in France, but Yildirim’s guards chased him and shot him in the shoulder during the shooting.

Halit’s boss arrived on time and managed to kill Sardar and Yildirim’s pursuers by taking them to safety.

Yildirim provoked Halit by pointing to the killing of Jern by Halit, making him unable to control his anger, and beating Yildirim. On the other hand, by examining the contents of Yildirim’s phone and discovering how the traitors were communicated through sports newspapers, Ozan was able to understand that important operations against Turkey were to take place tomorrow.

Ozan understands that the terrorists are targeting the Ministry of Defense and its engineers, and that a Pakistani delegation is scheduled to arrive tomorrow to sign the contract. A man named “Doctor”, who is very angry about Yildirim’s kidnapping, leads a terrorist operation.

But the counter-terrorism team succeeds in thwarting the operation and removing obstacles to the supply of military equipment.

Sardar, on the other hand, manages to cross the border by placing Yildirim behind a truck and anesthetizing him, but the truck is discovered by the police, and Halit’s boss pretends that Yildirim has obtained all the information, preventing Sardar from interfering in the police work. The agents of the company are forbidding with the advice that “Yildirim is dying, oh, we will not pull the trigger”

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