The Innocents (Masumlar Apartmanı) – Apartemane Bi Gonahan Part 61 English Subtitles & Recap


Everyone comes to the aid of wisdom that has fallen on the ground in the alley and lifts him up. Safia, who has just learned what she has done, looks at her father in horror and remembers that he dragged her out of the apartment instead of her mother, and says with shame, “Stay away from me!” And he immediately enters the building and closes the door behind him and does not allow everyone to enter the savior who followed him.

Naji and Golben beg Safia to open the door, but Safia hurries to fill the back of the door with heavy equipment, and when Golban brings the key, the door does not open. But Hasibeh does not leave Safia alone. When Safia sees the picture of her mother in the mirror, she breaks it and puts a piece of
it close to her hand.

On the other hand, Khan desperately wants to be silent because of his evil, but he constantly humiliates Khan and says that Jilan is tired of him and understands that there is no hope for his recovery. Jilan, who saw Khan’s strange movements and distress, approached the car and asked Khan to get off, but Khan said, “I’m sorry. “You can not save me.” And it goes.

When Khan arrives home and sees the situation, he angrily blames the savior and says, “You cursed him for something that is not yet clear!” “I could not hide from him anymore,” the savior said angrily. Golben is upset when he hears that the savior’s health is still in danger.

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With the help of Khan, Naji finally opens the door and enters the house and sees Safia sitting in front of the window and staring at a map. Hekmat enters the house and hugs Safia and says: “My daughter is forgiven!” Safia remembers the day when she was waiting for a savior in the park years ago, and when the savior did not come, she embraced her wisdom and comforted her. Safia immediately separates from her father and says, “Do not get close to me.” . He goes to his room. Safia goes to her room and sees her mother on the bed, who calls her and says, “Come, my daughter. you are late.” Safia falls asleep in her mother’s arms.

She is shocked when Golben goes home and sees that her pregnancy test result is positive, and then she smiles and immediately cries, but when she looks at herself in the mirror, she is scared. When Shennour asks him what the result was, Golben hides the positive result from him.

When Safia wakes up, she has become a former Safia. He asks Nariman to put his clothes in the trash before entering the house and go to the bathroom. Nariman is scared. Khan and Naji also look at Safia with fear. When Golben brings food for his family, Safia says he can not accept it and is not sure of its cleanliness and does not even allow Golben to enter the kitchen.

At the dinner table, which is arranged with strict hygiene measures, Safia warns everyone that no one has the right to leave the house for an indefinite period of time and does not accept the excuse of university and work. Khan tries to explain to Safia that his situation is not normal, but Safia seems to hear nothing, just smiles and makes Khan nervous.

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When Golben tells the doctor that she is pregnant, the doctor is happy, but Golben, who is worried, says: “I do not know at all whether I can be a mother or not!” And he remembers his mother and says, “Someone like him should not have children.” The doctor asks Golben to stand in front of the mirror and look at it the way he wants to see his child, and Gulben smiles, and the doctor says, “As long as you look at your child like this, he is like this without fear and with confidence in the world.” “He is watching.” The doctor asks, “If your child gets wet, will you call him or her?” “Not at all,” Golben immediately says. “I will never upset him!” “I’m not like my mother,” Golben says with a smile after a pause. After leaving, he goes to the store and spins with pleasure between the baby clothes.

Jilan goes to the apartment to talk to Khan and asks him what happened to him yesterday, and Khan says impatiently: “It is not a good day. I can not tell you good things. The situation is like when I came back from New York. This is a good time to leave. “Just turn over your passport so I don’t steal it.”

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