TNT Serial By Hamed Ahangi

Hamed Ahangii, a host who previously had a program called Shabahangi on other platforms, has founded a new show since the beginning of this year, the same version of which caused a stir with the presence of a famous person.
Javad Yasari, one of the most important icons of popular music after decades of video ban, this time appeared on the Filmo program in a situation where many of these blues, including Ehsan Karmi, were present on the other side of the seas in Persian-language satellite TV programs. The interesting thing to note among the strange presence of Javad Yasari was the mention of a figure in music who has been so neglected that despite his importance, no one mentions him. Sahid Mehnavian, whose name came to Javad Yasari’s tongue and made his fans happy.

But the routine of the TNT program was slightly different in the later episodes, and after the Nowruz special programs, an exciting competition was released, which is both family-friendly and colorful, and huge decorations have been prepared for some of its stages.

One of the positive points of this program is that its challenges can be different and new for each group of participants.

It has been reported from the host director that this program is probably prepared in 25 episodes for the first season.

Before this, of course, he had gained fame in a role in the movie “Chand Mi Giri Grih Keni 2” and he had also acted in comedy shows for a while, and some people talk about the explosion of laughter in these theaters, so it is not strange that these matches of his are also attended by the audience. It is offered to make the exaggerated acts of Hamed Anghi look more natural for those who are not very interested in him.

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