Treasures of Gohar directed by Ebrahim Golestan, made in 1344

The role of time in writing can be written on a stone and can be seen in the dead of kings

The role of time in writing can be written on a stone and can be seen in the dead of kings. This is the dead treasure of the kings’ sand.

Every king who had the concept of wealth and glory in the concept of wealth and glory in the glow of diamonds and pearls added something to it.

After the decline of the Safavid period, the treasures of the royal gem expanded from the rare victorious wars.

The country needed a new order, not a pile of precious stones of a new order.

In the turbulent times of the end of the eighteenth century, when thought and vision influenced the drawing of the line of human destiny, there was no arrow left in it.

The spirit of the time of Fath Ali Shah should be seen in the role of a bowl, a plate, a small breast, a snuffer, a cup, a teapot and a hookah.

He made his throne from twenty-six thousand pieces of jewelry and signed the Treaty of Turknachai. The era of selfishness and neglect. The age of superficial and empty professions, the age of hardship in which thought had no status.

There was no effort and the statistics of the time were related to the number of sleeping people and the length of the beard and the looted parts of the country.

Travel to Europe began in the mid-nineteenth century. The splendor of the ruby ​​never depended on the pride of history, the brilliance of the diamond never guaranteed the survival of the nation.

These stones were not a sign of blessing. Every stone among all these gems tells the story of the history of the Iranian people.

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The treasures of yesterday have become today to guarantee the money of your country. Today, wealth means living reproductive wealth, power means human thinking.


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