Üç Kız Kardeş Episode 13 English Subtitles

Mina agrees with Rochan to get Sumer again.

Rochan tells him that from now on, whatever he says, Mina must do.

The Turks angrily reject Sumer and ask Sumer to send him home.

The captain reports that the ship’s engine has broken down and is being repaired.

The Turks fall asleep and when they wake up in the morning, they see Sumer beside them.

The ship is repaired and next to the dock.

The Turks ask Sumer to take him home.

Before they leave, the lawyer comes to the ship and gives the court letter to Sumer, saying that he will take the Turks’ letter home by mail. The Turks and Sumer quickly go to Sadegh’s house so that the letter does not reach Sadegh.

On the way, Sumer asks the Turks to give up the divorce and give them another chance.

The Turks do not accept.

At Sadegh’s house, Nasrin talks to Sumer and says that Rochan told him that he did not want Sumer and the Turks to be together and that the Turks should distance themselves from Sumer.

Sumer is surprised and says that he is talking to his mother.

At school, Donoshe is upset that he is not going to prepare for the exam.

Sardar goes to Donush to comfort him.

Donush, upset, tells Sardar that he no longer wants to be friends.

Sardar leaves the class unhappily and Nasrin, seeing Sardar, warns him not to have contact with Donush.

Darya finds out that Hakan is talking to another girl at school.

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He gets angry and fights with Hakan. Hakan says Darya is not his wife and has no reason to hold her accountable.

The sea gets angry and leaves.

Sumer goes to Rochan and says that he argues with Nasrin that he has mistreated her,

and then says that he does not intend to separate from the Turks and wants to give this marriage another chance.

Rochan is surprised and then says that if the Turks apologize to him, he will accept him.

After Sumer leaves, Rochan calls Mina and says that from now on he will make her his assistant to take care of things.

Nazhat goes to Sadegh’s house to take care of him.

Sadegh asks the Turks to go home.

Sumer follows the Turks and the Turks inevitably go with him. The Turks go to the ship and say that he will stay there alone.

Fateh sent several postal packages to Sadegh’s home address, which contained textbooks.

He finds out that Massoud’s family is in Germany.

Fateh takes a photo of Massoud and tells Sadegh that he has many acquaintances in Germany and may be able to find Massoud’s family.

Sumer night secretly enters the ship and scares the Turks with a noise.

The Turks call Sumer and ask him to go ahead. Sumer happily goes to the Turks and pretends to come for him. He stays the night before the Turks.

The next morning, Mina goes to the ship with the Turks and Sumer, gives Sumer some papers to sign, and says that he has become Ruchan’s assistant. Sumer gets nervous about this.

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The institution that pursues Mina finds out that he has become Rochan’s assistant.

He angrily goes to Rochan and says that he knows that he has hired Mina.

Rochan tells her that her granddaughter is pregnant and that this has changed.

The institution gets angry and says that the child is for him.

Rochan says sarcastically that this is not the case. Nod threatens Rochan and Sumer and the child and leaves.

The day of judgment has come and the Turks, Sumer and Nasrin will go to court. Sumer makes a desperate remark to the Turks and waits for her to give up her divorce.

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