Üç Kız Kardeş (3 khahar) Serial Part 10 | English Subtitles


Episode 30 is the thirtieth episode of season two of “UC KIZ KARDES” ( uc kiz kardes) . The episode premieres Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 on Kanal D.

Based on the original version of the Turkish serial with Persian subtitles attached to the serial Pendar channel.
Sumer and the Turks are in a hotel room when Sumer asked the Turks, “Do you love me?”

The Turks find Tete Pete and until he comes, Sumer stands in front of him and says no. I’m afraid.

Turkan says if you are afraid of my answer, then do not ask me this question again and he will leave.

Sumer takes the letter that he hid from the Turks and puts it in his coat pocket without reading it.

Mina, who has gathered her belongings and is waiting for Sumer’s answer on the street, is happy when a car arrives and thinks that Sumer’s but someone who is not sitting in the car and tells her not to wait will not be here.

Nihat tells Mina that the one who is left for you, let me go and Mina picks up her suitcase and gets in Nihat’s car.

They get into a fight in the car and Mina gets out of the car and wants to throw herself down from the bridge and says I can not do without Sumer, but she stops and says you have to believe that everything between you is over.

Sumer and the Turks do not have an appetite for dinner. He tells us we can not be together and then the Turks get up from Josh and say please go to Sumer’s house.

At Nasrin’s house, the girls want to say something to their mother, and Darya leaves Donush and their mother alone to talk. Donush asks his mother why you told Sardar that we should not see each other, Sardar is my childhood friend. Nasrin points to Sardar’s interest and Donush says Sardar and I are just friends, but Nasrin says there are things you do not see but I understand.

Sumer and the Turks are on their way home.

On the way to Sumer, he sees a car parked in the middle of the road and tells the Turks not to get out of the car, and he himself goes to the car and follows the mine.
Sumer calls Mina. Nihat picks up Mina’s phone and hangs up.

Donush is ironing his father’s shirts that Darya goes to him and talks about his words with his mother, and after his love, he tells Hakan that Hakan told him that you are a child and I will show him.

Sumer and the Turks go to Mina’s house and Sumer tells the Turks to sit in the car and I will look at the house.

Sumer goes to Mina’s room and sees that Mina has packed her things and left.

He takes Mina’s letter from his pocket and starts reading it.

The Turks go to Mina’s house and see Sumer reading a letter, and Sumer tells him that he wants to quit his job.

The Turks ask how did you get home? And Sumer gives an excuse that he is worried and unlocks. Mina and Nihat return home and Mina sees the Sumerian car at the back of the house. The Turks go to the bathroom and see Mina returning home.

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Nihat also enters behind Mina.

Sumer takes the Turks by the hand and says, “We are going to die.”

Sadegh presents a room in the house for Massoud and is busy painting the room and says that Nasrin is going to sew curtains for his room.

Sadegh becomes suspicious of Donush and asks him, but says he is fine. And then Nasrin tells her about her first love and her problems.

Sumer goes to Rojahan and shows him Mina’s letter and asks him, “Did you intend to ruin my relationship with Mina?” Rojahan says why are you angry? You see that both parties are satisfied and happy, and instead of getting an answer from me, you should thank me because your eyes do not see it.
The Turks go back to the room where Sumer and Rojahan are, and want to listen to them.

Sumer tells Rojahan that thanks to Turkanru, you mistakenly assumed that I still love Mina and she leaves home.

Ozer tells the Turks that Sumer is very much like me. Wait and wait for his love. If Sumer finds love and happiness next to you, he will not look for her outside. Trust me.

Rojahan walks in and asks Ozer if you teach life to the bride?

Laser answers I just want Sumer to be happy.

Sumer calls Mina and says she is moving forward.

At school, Sardar and Donush talk about Donush’s mother’s words, and they are both confused, and Sardar says that maybe your mother is upset about the birthday present I gave you.
Fateh goes to the post office and makes trouble and says I am Mr. Sadegh’s brother. Sadegh calls him and takes him to his room. They fight and Massoud is afraid of losing Sadegh in the room.

Rojahan goes to the Turks again and threatens him and says that I explained everything to you and gave you everything, but I only asked you one thing and that was to make Sumer your own.

The Turks also answer that it is very difficult to understand Sumer.

Rojahan also tells the Turks that Sumer wants to open a divorce case and threatens the Turks that if you separate, I will take you back to your father’s house and do not think that I will do it quietly and I will do something that will force you to leave here. do.

Sumer goes to Mina’s house and complains about his relationship with Nihat.

They argue, but Mina says I made a mistake, but I still love you very much, but in the end she says that everything is over, and Sumer says that I think it’s over. Mina goes inside the house and closes the door.

Darya and Donush call the Turks’ house and sing

To talk to him that the maid says he is not home and Rojahan picks up the phone and tells them that your sister is married and you can not call her and see her.

Hakan, who came to school with Dilek, comes to them and greets them. The sea is jealous of him and Dilek, and Hakan says that she is my sister’s friend.
The captain grabs his father’s car and the girls get on and die.

Dilek, who is jealous of the sea, goes to Nasrin and tells her that Darya and Donush are going with Sardar’s father’s car.

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Sumer and the Turks meet at the factory and talk about the divorce case. Sumer says I always thought about divorce but waited for the right time.

Turkan says I want something from you to open this case a little later.

Donush and Darya are ready for the olive factory with Sardar.

They came to the Turks to plan the anniversary of their mother and father’s marriage.

It seems that they want to convince Sumer to celebrate in their house, and Sumer himself offers this to the girls.

Nasrin goes to Dr. Matin again and talks to him about Donush’s illness.

Dr. Matin says that he takes time from a famous doctor to inform Donush and inform him.

Nasrin asks Matin again if he has talked to Sardar or not? And Matin says they are very young and these words are useless.

Sumer returns home with the Turks and the girls. Rojehan is surprised.
They come in and tell the world about the guest.
Rojahan is happy that Sumer himself made the offer and even says that he plans the celebration programs himself.

The girls go to the kitchen and cook.

The girls and Sadegh send a bouquet with an invitation card to Nasrin.

Hekmat goes home and to Nazahat and informs her about the party and says that they are also invited but Nazahat is upset with Nasrin and says that she has a job but in the end she agrees to leave.

The party is held at Rojahan’s house and everyone is happy that the conqueror arrives and enters the party.

Matin and Sardar talk again in the office, and Sardar is skeptical about something.

Rojahan has traveled for food with a strange seafood and Chinese food service that has involved and surprised everyone.

In the middle of the party, Fateh tells the story of going to Sadegh’s house and Sadegh rejects it.

At the end of the night, Rojahan orders a cake and brings it. Sumer asks who is Mom and Dad on your wedding anniversary?

And Rojahan remembers memories that on the anniversary of their marriage, Ozer smashed the table and told her I do not love you and I will never love you.

They all start dancing together. Darya invites Ozer and Rojahan to dance and Ozer takes Rojahan’s hand and they dance together.

In the middle of the Turkish dance, he asks about divorce and Sumer says that now is not the time to talk about it.

Rojahan and Ozer dance so beautifully that everyone looks at them.

At Nasrin’s house, she thanks the girls. Donush asks his mother if Uncle Fateh is not coming to our house? Nasrin says I will not let anyone disturb our peace.
Sadegh returns on the way, but goes to the conqueror and they fight.

In the bedroom, Ozer tells Rojahan that he was a good guest, we all had a good time, and then tells Rojahan that he wished he could make up for the past.

In response, Rojehan says that the happy family of the Turks greatly influenced Ruth.

In the bed, the Turk covers the sleeping Sumer and caresses the Sumerian hair, saying, “I wish you would give us a chance to love where it’s so scary.”

Donush brings a radio recording for Massoud and Massoud goes to his room and puts the radio on the music channel.

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The music being played changes Massoud’s mood. He remembers pictures of his mother and father leaving him alone and gone. . His mother tells him that I will write you a letter.

He runs out of the house and yells at his mother.

Donush sees the scene and tells Sadegh and Sadegh follows Massoud.

Sadegh catches Massoud in the sea and promises to find his parents.

Turkan is about to go to his aunt’s house when Rojahan comes into the room and says what is this going out? You just left the house yesterday.

The Turks say I have a question about my family and Rojahan says what does that family tell you? Your family is Sumerian.

They are fighting when Sumer enters through the door and takes the Turks with him and says I will take you to your aunt’s house.

The quarrel with the conqueror has a motherly feeling and he does not want to kick her out of the house.

Turkan thanks Sumer for last night’s party.

At home, Massoud repeats the words of his parents when he leaves for Sadegh and Nasrin.

At Hakan School, he plays basketball in which the sea enters in a costume other than the school uniform, and Hakan’s eyes remain on him and his beauty disappears.
Hakan says you look so different, you look amazing.

In conversations between the conquering Turks and the conquering Turks, he says that he asked Sadegh for money and that he came to their house because of his share of the house and that he would give up if they gave him his money. The Turk returns home and picks up some of his gold and wants to sell it to win for the conqueror.

The Turks take the money for the conqueror and ask the conqueror and the conqueror not to say anything to his mother and father. The goldsmith who the Turks went to him called Rojahan and informed him that the Turks b

The vote to sell gold has gone to him and he is lighting the fire of anger in the world. Rojahan comes to the Turks at home and asks him to show him his gold and asks if that was all? The Turks lie and Rojhahan shows him the gold invoice and says I know how much gold there was. The Turks explain the issue of selling gold and giving it to his uncle to the world.

Rojahan tells the Turks that you no longer have the right to see your family, neither you go there nor they in the middle.

Rojahan goes to Nasrin’s house and says that we need to talk.

The Turks tell the story to Sumer.

Rojahan tells the whole story to Nasrin and accuses her of telling the Turks to sell her gold.

Sumer goes to Mina’s house.

The lawyer informs Rojahan that Sumer has opened a divorce case.

Sumer enters Mina’s house and tells her that I can not give up on you.

Rojahan beats the Turks again and takes the suitcase and tells the Turks to pack up and go to Baba’s house.

Sumer and Mina are in each other’s arms as Rojahan drives the Turks out of the house.



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