Üç Kız Kardeş (3 khahar) Serial Part 7 | English Subtitles & Recap


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The story begins with the scene of the Turks entering Mina’s house. The Turks come to consult with Mina about Sumer and that he has no interest in him. While offering coffee to the Turks, Mina becomes nauseous and the Turks ask her if she is pregnant, but Mina says no, this happens to me every morning when my stomach is empty.


At Rojahan’s house, however, mother and son are worried about where the Turks have gone. Sumer tells Rojahan that the Turks have not heard our words about Mina, and Rojahan’s answer is that the girl can not leave this house unless I want to. But there are things you should be afraid of.

Sumer says I have to wake up every day with a new threat?

Ozer comes and tells the housekeeper to prepare a breakfast table for him and Sumer in the yard. Rojahan is surprised.

Mina and the Turks are talking, the Turks are talking about their families and the love they grew up with, and that he always wanted to have happy families, but my relationship with Sumer is not good and Sumer does not like me and wants to divorce me. Mina is happy with her face and in response to the Turks, she says that I guessed from the beginning, you and Sumer are different from the two worlds, Sumer studied abroad and had many experiences while you did not even leave Pat out of this city. A marriage that does not have love and affection has no meaning.

The Turks, however, tell Mina that she wants to do her best to make Sumer love her. Mina gets angry and says this is not possible. Mina realizes that Sumer has not yet filed for divorce and tries her best to prove to the Turks that Sumer does not love her and to continue this relationship is wrong, but the Turks still stand by her words and say that they do not want to separate and continue their efforts.

At home, however, Rojahan sits alone at the breakfast table, talking to himself about his perfect solitude and that no one is by his side.

In the courtyard, Ozer tells Sumer that no matter how much I do not want Mina to be in your life, you do not intend to give up, do you? Sumer answers that I am becoming a father and I love Mina. Ozer warns him that he can not have a comfortable life here and Sumer tells him that they will leave the country after the baby is born and will not return until the situation calms down. But his father tells him that we have just opened a factory for you and How do you want to get rid of all these properties and factories? Sumer, however, replies that he has no other choice.

Mina hurts the Turks by saying that maybe Sumer loves someone else and there is probably another woman in his life, and Mina replies that the Sumerian I know does not do that, but Mina tells him how much do you know about Sumer? Angry, Mina tries her best to bore the Turks.

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But talks between Ozer and Sumer are still ongoing. Ozer tells Sumer that if it was my opinion, I would tell you that it is a pity you are not with the Turks. Do not do anything to the woman who loves you, make a monster and Sumer tells her that you are telling my mother that maybe it is better to think about the nights when my mother was waiting for you until morning and you did not come home.

At Mina’s house, he gives his phone number to the Turks and says, “I’m here whenever you want to talk and you can call me.”

On Nasrin Street, who is returning from shopping, he encounters the mysticism of the postman and realizes that he has been robbed by Sadegh and he goes to the police station. Are you okay?

At Darya School, when he reads the letter in Hakan’s bag, he goes to Donush and tells her that you are not a sister, the enemy of a perfect snake. Donush tries to explain to the sea what happened, but the sea does not listen and angrily walks away from Donush. Then it is Sardar’s turn to chase Dunush away with an angry look.

But Fateh is talking to his partner about the money that was stolen from Sadegh. His partner wants his share, but Sadegh says no and tells him to come and beat me. There will be fights and the head and face will be bloody and bloody.

The Turks return home and go to the kitchen to prepare food, Rojahan opens up and threatens the Turks and presses his hand that you are the bride of the caravans and you must treat her properly. No one can leave this house without my permission. Turkan tells her that he has gone to talk to Mina and Rojahan tells him how can someone who has betrayed her husband and has a mistress be your friend? Only Sumerian friend put this in your head.

Mina is just a simple assistant of Sumer. Now, instead of making food, go and dress well to go to the factory.

Mina goes to the factory and to Sumer and starts shouting in front of everyone, Sumer tells her not to shout and let’s go and talk quietly. Mina complains that Sumer has not even filed for divorce yet and is giving the Turks hope and telling Sumer that the Turks went to him in the morning.

Rojahan and the Turks arrive at the factory. Ozer, who knows that Mina has come to the factory, tries to protect Sumer and Mina by inviting them for coffee, but Rojahan becomes suspicious and goes and sees that Mina is yelling at Sumer.

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Sumer sees his mother and leads Mina to go. Rojahan tells Sumer that the Turks have come to take you to a restaurant for food. Sumer says I’m not going

Because you did not coordinate with me. But Rojahan forces them to go to a restaurant.

In a restaurant where, according to Sumer, Rojehan’s favorite restaurant, while ordering food, Sumer encounters the intentions of Mina’s ex-husband and takes the Turks by the hand and throws them out of the restaurant. When they die, the man who is with them does not call Rojahan and it becomes clear that Rojahan has arranged this confrontation.

At school, Donush asks Dilek to explain to the sea and the commander what happened, and he asks her to write him the letter, but Dilek says he can not do it.

Sumer calls Mina and tells her that he has seen your intentions and whether Mina has met him or not, Mina denies.

At home, Rojahan turns to the Turks and says, “Look how well we will get along if you do what I say.” You have to hold the reins of Sumer in your hand.

In Sadegh and Nasrin’s house, the anger between Darya and Donosh is still going on and Nasrin is angry with them.

Sumer buys a mobile phone for the Turks and brings it to him. The Turks are happy and think that Sumer is thinking, but Sumer disappoints him and says that it is only for times like this morning that you go out unaware and want to know where you are.

Sadegh and Nasrin and the girls are having tea after dinner and they are having fun at home. Sadegh goes and opens the door and is confronted with the bloody face and the door and the dagger of the conqueror. Sadegh believes and Fateh tells him to believe. I did not want you to get in trouble because of me.

Meanwhile, Nasrin learns about the loan and Fateh, of which she has been unaware until now, and interrogates Sadegh.

In the room of Sumer and the Turks, Sumer is getting ready to go out when the Turks enter. He tells Sumer that he has a problem with his cell phone and he can not turn it on. Sumer hands him the phone and wants to go. . Sumer also enters the game. It seems that Sumer is softer than the Turks and he likes this girl. Eventually he agrees to stay home and the Turks make him coffee.

At school, Hakan takes Donosh to the side and asks him about the letter, but Donush says that he does not know what it is, Darya and Sardar, who do not hear their words and only see that they are talking in a corner, are both greedy and They slander Donush.

Rojahan has made an appointment with Mina’s ex-wife Nihat and wants to make an appointment with him so that Rojahan can get rid of his son from Mina and Nihat returns to Mina, but in the meantime he realizes that Mina’s debts that Sumer had already paid. This time Nihat paid and Mina met Nihat.

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Nasrin goes home rudely and starts a riot and tells the story of a loan that her husband rudely and honestly takes to the conqueror’s body bribe and tells the conqueror why the conqueror sent her home and caused trouble for everyone.

At school, Sardar and Hakan are arguing. Hakan does not know what the matter is and why Sardar is treating him this way.

Donush explains to Darya and Sardar that yes, I wrote that letter, but not for myself, but for Dilk. They both say that even if you have done this, it is still not forgivable.

Rojahan calls Sadegh and asks him to give Sumer information about a newly made payment called Nihat, and of course points out that Sumer does not understand that I followed up because the company’s business is getting angry. A Treasurer calls Sumer.

Donush goes to see the Turks to consult with him about the problem that has arisen. At the same time, the sea goes to see the Turks, where they meet and the Turks try to reconcile them, and finally start dancing and playing pranks. They do and include Sumer in their game. Rojahan, who has come up to fight them, is happy to see Sumer dancing and laughing with the girls, and he postpones the fight to another time and leaves.

After leaving the house, Nasrin sat somewhere on the road and shed tears. She was alone with herself when Donush came by and asked her what she was doing here. They are talking when Donush sees Massoud from a distance, they go to Massoud, Nasrin sits next to him and apologizes to him for not letting him go home last time, and takes Massoud home with him. Sadegh, who comes and sees Massoud, is very happy and tells him that from now on I am your father.

Sardar and Darya stop Dilek on the way and ask him about the letter, but Dilek denies everything.

Sumer’s phone rings and he is informed that Nihat has paid all his debts. Sumer goes to see Mina very angry and says to him, “Why did you lie that you did not see your intentions and why did you not pay your debts, all of which I have paid to this day?” He does not give Mina a chance to talk and says that everything is over and he is leaving.

Sumer goes to a club and drinks a glass of glass and has a heart attack with his friend. His friend advises him that Mina was not suitable for you at all and it is better to pay attention to the woman next to you and she is so good and mentions the name of the Turks. The Turks, worried about Sumer, call his phone.

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