Üç Kız Kardeş (3 khahar) Serial Part 8 | English Subtitles – Details


Sumer, who is drunk in bed, tells the Turks that despite my bad condition, how do I want to be a father? The Turks are very surprised and ask what does this mean?

Sumer tells him that I am going to be a father. Now everyone sees what a good father I am going to be. I will love him and I will never leave him.
The Turks do not understand anything from Sumer’s words, Sumer suddenly comes to his senses and denies everything and says you do not know anything. Are you really eager to know?

The Turks answer that yes, I really want to know and you have no right to run away.


Sumer says I will not run away and I want to sleep and he falls asleep and leaves the Turks alone with a thousand questions in his mind.
Sadegh is bathing at home and cutting Masouda and Nasrin’s hair. He says you want me to bring you something to eat.
Massoud looks for his box and when Donush asks him, what is in your box that is so expensive? Says my mother and father.
The Turks sleep at night next to Sumer, and when Sumer hugs him, he turns away from him and thinks to himself that Sumer should ask him for children when there is neither love nor trust between them.

Mina is alone at home, crying while talking to Sumer’s picture, saying, “I will not give up on you.” She picks up her phone and calls Sumer. Sumer is asleep and the Turks see that Sumer’s phone rings. He tries to wake Sumer, but he does not wake up. Cut off.
The Turks have been awake all night, waiting for Sumer to wake up to ask him.

The Turks ask Sumer if there is anyone else in your life who arrives at the front of the house and gets angry.
The Turks go out to see who is going behind them and they see a car going. In the next picture, we see that Ozer is riding in a mine.
Ozer tells Mina that I am not your enemy, but I am not your friend either.

At Rojahan’s house, he tells the Turks that for every night that Sumer does not come home, I ask him for his account.
The Turks tell Rojahan, “I think there is another person in Sumer’s life.”

Rojahan tells the Turks not to slander my son.

Ozer also threatens Mina and tells her not to do anything that I have to do. Turkan is the official wife of Sumer and let my son be happy.
In the room of Turkan and Sumer, Sumer’s neck hurts and Turkan tells him to sit down and massage your neck, and in the meantime, an emotional incident occurs between the two.

It seems that Sumer is gradually falling in love with the Turks.

The Turks look at themselves from Sumer’s point of view.

Sadegh gives his clothes to Massoud and takes him out with him.

Sadegh asks Nasrin, are the girls still angry with each other? And Nasrin confirms and says that Darya is my daughter, but Donush Amanteh should pay more attention to her.
Sadegh tells him not to interfere in their fights.

Nasrin asks where you are going and Sadegh says let’s go to the hairdresser to cut Massoud’s hair and Massoud cries and says no, only my mother cuts my hair.
And then Sadegh says we will not cut him short and takes him to the post office with him.
Darya and Sardar are still involved in what Donush did, and they are supposed to go and talk to Donush.
Sardar tells Donush that Dilek has said that he does not know about the letter at all. Donush says he’s a liar and you know I’m not doing that.

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If you do not trust me, get out of here, why are you here? My sister does not believe me, you do not believe, so go and Sardar says I will find the truth.

“When you understand the truth, you have to apologize to me,” he says.

Mina calls Sumer and Sumer does not answer.

Mina calls Ozer and says that Sumer does not answer me at all and Wazer says he is angry with you and Mina says I will not wait like this, I am pregnant with Caravolta’s granddaughter, you can not treat me like this.
Ozer says you are threatening me, do not reduce your chances like this. Sit down and think for yourself.
And Mina says I am not afraid of anything anymore, if Sumer does not come to me today, I will tell everything to the Turks.
Ozer explains everything to Rojahan and Rojahan says that the girl can do nothing and leave it to me.
And Ozer says I will not let that girl upset the Turks. Rojahan says I do not want this and leave it to me.
Ozer says that if the Turks understand, everyone will answer badly.
Erfan, a postman at the Turk’s house, came and told the Turks about Sadegh’s theft.
Sumer goes to the factory for a meeting.
And Ozer says how happy he is with this story and his mother.
Ozer asked Sumer about his problem with Mina, and Sumer asked, but it was over.
Ozer tells Sumer that Mina had come home in the morning. Ozer warns to be careful Turks do not understand. Ozer asks what the child’s homework is, and Sumer replies that none of his mother stays and I’s his father. Mina calls again and does not answer and Sumer goes to the meeting.
Mina calls the Turks very angrily and says, “I’m very sorry, we can talk.” Turkan says I’m going to my mother, we can talk later and Turkan is supposed to inform her.
The Turks go to his mother’s house.
Nasrin asks the Turks about her life and says that everything is fine and asks her mother in return. How are you? is there a problem?
What did my dad borrow for? Mysticism tells me and Nasrin tells the story of the conqueror.
At Donush school, he stands alone and the sea and the commander go to him and find out the truth. The sea says I will not apologize to you, you should have told me.
Sardar, but he apologizes to Donush and says to Donush, “I do not want to lose you because of Dilk. Did you forgive me?”
Hakan arrives and discusses with the commander again. Donush tells Hakan please go and the sea goes to Hakan. The sea tries to appease Hakan.
Turkan goes to see Mina after his mother’s house and talks to Sumer at the same time. Sumer is angry about why you went to see Mina and Turkan says that he is not well and needs to talk and hangs up. Sumer is driving to where they are.
Sumer calls the Turks and hangs up the phone. Mina tells the Turks that her love has been separated from her.
And he tells the Turks that another woman’s foot hurts and he did it for another person.
The Turks ask, do you know who that woman was? Because of that he passed you so easily?
Mina says you know her too
The Turks say me?
who is it ?

Mina wants to talk that your intentions are coming.
Nihat comes to their table and sits next to me and says I disturbed you? And he asks Mina to introduce his friend. And he says I’m Mina’s ex-wife.

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Sumer goes to Mina’s house and leaves in despair.
Sumer calls the Turks and the Turks say goodbye to them and leave.

Nihat tells Mina that you told me that you do not see Sumer anymore, so what is this? And Mina says the Turks are just my friends.
Nihat says what are you hiding from me? And Mina says I’m not hiding anything.
Sumer and the Turks meet by the beach and the Turks go with the Sumer. And she told me that you know that person and I’m curious to know who she was. She wanted to tell me that her ex-husband came and we could not talk.

Sumer gets angry when he hears this and vents his anger on the Turks.

At night, at home, Sadegh and Nasrin try to reconcile the girls and the argument is over, which has driven her out of the house.
But the image goes to the house and the winner is the one who returns to that house and the husband says that if he stays in this house, I will go and leave the house.

Mina sends a message to Sumer that she is very well and if I do not come tonight, I will have a disaster.
Sumer gets up and leaves the house.

The Turks also go to make coffee for Ozer and Rojahan follows him and tells him to pick up the phone and follow me. Rojahan tells him I told you you have no right to talk to Mina but you lied to me and you saw that woman and Turkan Under the spray crushes.

Sumer goes to see Mina and tells him that you see that person and you took money from him, Mina denies everything, but Sumer tells him that you are lying.
But Mina says trust me, I can not breathe without you, I love you very much. Take me out of here You and I have a baby.
Let’s get out of here. Sumer says that this did not happen only once and was repeated, and from now on there is nothing in our name and only our child remains, and when the time comes, I know what to do.
Mina says you are very angry now and she can’t see my eyes. I am Mina, the woman you love.
But Sumer tells her I don’t love you anymore and leaves Mina alone and leaves.
Turkan is left alone in his room and is praying that Sumer will return home and not catch him with his mother.
Sumer returns home and the Turks say I wanted to make tea for myself, you also want to see a movie together, and Sumer says no, the Turks are upset and he goes away, Sumer tells him I eat popcorn and The Turks come and sit down to watch a movie together. When they eat popcorn, their hands shake and a spark of love.
Mina sends a message to Sumer again and says you will not be happy and Sumer tells her I will never forgive you.
The next morning, the voice of the modem comes to the post office and the internet and sea connection, which is accepted by the university, and Nasrin tells Donosh to give you your number, too. Let’s take a look, but Donush is not accepted.
The Turks are searching the pockets of Sumer’s clothes when Sumer grabs his wrist and says what are you looking for? The Turks say that after the phone call, I want to call the girls. Today their test results have come and I want to see what to do.

Somermi ‌ Ask your phone? The Turks say mine fell and broke.

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Sumer tells him to call home.

At school, there is a discussion about the exam and the university between Sardar, Donush, and Darya.

Sardar tells Donush to go to the beach and talk a little.

On the beach, Sardar’s father sees them and says we should talk about an important position. Say goodbye to your friend and let’s go.
Matin tells Sardar to finish your friendship with Donush. Sardar asks why? He says that his mother is not satisfied. I promised his mother that you would never see him again.
They have brought a set of clothes for the Turks to choose from and wear to a party. The Turks wear the clothes in pieces and Sumer comments on them.
Sumer has a positive view of one of the clothes and sees the Turks very beautifully and his gaze slips on the beautiful body of the Turks in the dress.
The sea and Hakan are having fun while Donosh and his mother are setting the table at home.

At night, the Karan family goes to a party where Mina and Nihat are also present. Nihat gets up in front of Sumer’s eyes and sits next to Mina. Sumer also takes the Turks by the hand so that he can see Mina.
Mina is upset and angry, but Rojahan has an old smile on her face.
At Sadegh’s house, everyone has come together to talk about problems.
The debate is over the conqueror and his coming home. Nasrin says that your brother who made your way to your house came and threatened me and me. She forced my husband to take a loan for her.
“Do you understand how hard it is not to let your brother go home?”

Darya and Hakan have not returned home yet. Hakan holds the sea’s hands and wants to kiss the sea.
Sumer and Nihat get eye to eye and Sumer gets more and more angry. Sumer asks Rojahan, “Did you invite this man here?” Rojahan tells Sumer to trust me.
Rojahan goes to Mina and tells her not to torture herself. See them. Sumer leaves the hall and Mina follows him and tells him Sumer do not do this to me, I understand that you are arousing my jealousy but Sumer tells him that you are wrong. I like the Turks Mina says a lie You say you can not love him, do not torment me so much and tell Sumer I can not breathe without you, you passed me and my child so easily? Sumer says I did not pass my child, I passed you and he goes to the Turks.
Sumer and the Turks decide to go home when Mina angrily comes to Sumer and the Turks to tell them she is in great pain and faints. Nihat and Sumer run towards him and Sumer stops when he sees Nihat. Nihat hugs and carries Mina.

At night, Nasrin comes to the girls’ room to visit them and realizes that the sea has not come home yet.

Turkan and Samar are on their way home when Sumer walks around and returns to the hospital.

Finally, in the hospital, the doctor finds out that Mina is pregnant. He goes to the room and Mina tells him to leave me alone. The Turks and Sumer go to see Mina, take Mina in Nihat’s room and tell her I will not leave you alone, we will open a new page in our lives and I will accept everything.
The moment Sumer enters the room, he lays his hand on Mina’s belly and tells her that we are very happy with our children.
We will and Sumer hears this.

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