Üç Kız Kardeş (3 khahar) Serial Part 9 | English Subtitles


ذWhen Turkan and Sumer return to the hospital to find out about Mina, they encounter a love scene between Nihat and Mina. Nihat tells them that Mina is better and the doctor gives them very good news and the news is that they are going to have children.

The angry and disbelieving Sumer, in response to Nihat, who wishes to have a child, says that I and the Turks want him very much, and Nihat wishes them that this will happen sooner.

Mina is shedding tears behind this conversation.

They are leaving when the Turks ask Sumer if he was serious about having children.

And Sumer tells him to talk in the car.

In Nasrin and Sadegh’s house, but there is no sea, it is past midnight and she has not come home yet.

Donush, who put his pillow instead of the sea so that his mother would not notice the absence of the sea, is now being questioned by his parents.

Donosh says we broke up at school and the last time he told me he was going to the cafe.

Nasrin calls all the sea friends and finds out that they are home and Donush lies to them.

Donush says why were you worried about the sea going away?

During the fight, Donush wants to get up from Josh, who suddenly faints and falls to the ground. Nasrin is worried and embarrassed.

The sea went to the Turks’ house. But Rojahan stops him and says that they are not home and asks the sea what are you doing here at this hour and do your mother and father know that you are here?

Nasrin’s house phone rings. Rojahan called and informed them that he had come here a while ago. Nasrin asked Ms. Rojahan to give her phone to the sea.

Üç Kız Kardeş (3 khahar) Serial Part 9 | English Subtitles
Üç Kız Kardeş (3 khahar) Serial Part 9 | English Subtitles

Nasrin fights Darya and says she should come home, but Darya says I will not come home at night and stay with the Turks and hangs up on her mother.

The Turk in the car asks Sumer again about having children. Sumer answers, he asked like that, and I gave an answer, don’t bother him anymore.

Nasrin is worried about Donosheh and her fainting. It seems that Donush has a history of illness that they are not worried about coming back. Sadegh is supposed to go to Dr. Matin Bareh.

The sea is busy in the house of Rojahan and Ozer. Rojahan asks the sea where you have been so far and the sea answers that I did not go home to answer my mother. Now you are asking me a question? And Rojahan says you are still very young and do not realize the dangers outside.

When Sumer and the Turks return, Sumer leaves home. The Turks take the sea to the guest room and are supposed to stay there overnight. The Turks ask him where and with whom were you?

The sea confesses to the Turks that we rode with Hakan.

The sea tells the Turks that Hakan wanted to kiss me but I did not allow it, the Turks tell him not to dare and the sea tells him to hit him when I did not allow him and I do not know if he wants to see me again or not.

Turkan says that if he is a whim, he does not want to see you again, but if you are valuable to him, he will still leave you.

Sumer returns to the hospital and to Pishmina. Mina is happy and says I knew you were coming back. Sumer turns to Nihat.

Mina says she has returned to her hotel and will be back tomorrow.

Sumer tells Mina I will just ask you a question and I will go:


Is this kid from me?

Üç Kız Kardeş (3 khahar) Serial Part 9 | English Subtitles
Üç Kız Kardeş (3 khahar) Serial Part 9 | English Subtitles

Mina says what do you think of me. Shame on you.

Mina says you are doing me a disservice, this is our child. Mina says let’s leave everyone and get out of here. I do not care about work and money anymore, we start from scratch again.

My phone rings. نیهاته. Sumer leaves Mina.

The Turks are at home in the bedroom when Rojahan goes to him and says that this is how you prepare for sleep while Sumer has not come home yet. The Turks say that Sumer is a little upset and Rojahan states the reason for the loss of the olive grove.

Rojahan asks the Turks why you came back so late and the Turks describe the adventures of Mina and the hospital and that Mina is pregnant. She does not know whose child she is but her ex-husband was by her side.

The Turks tell Rojahan that you were right about your friendship with Mina. And Rojahan says of course I was right.

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Sumer returns home and sees his mother caressing the Turks’s face. Embarrassed and angry.

Sumer and the Turks have become a little closer. In the morning, the Turks and the Sumerians are asleep in each other’s arms when Mina comes again with the car behind their house and beeps. Sumer goes down and Mina tells him that I have come to clarify my task. I will ask you a question:

You do not love me anymore? Sumer shakes his head. Mina tells me that you do not love me but Sumer says I can not say why I still love you so much and that is why we are so angry with myself.

Why did you do this when I passed my family and everything for you?

Why did you play with me and Mina says I did nothing? I am still Mine.

He sees the Turks of Mina and Sumer and hears their words.

He tells Sumer to go to Yala.

Üç Kız Kardeş (3 khahar) Serial Part 9 | English Subtitles
Üç Kız Kardeş (3 khahar) Serial Part 9 | English Subtitles

Go with him.

Mina bleeds پ Surprises .. All this has happened in Sumer’s dream.

Sumer wakes up screaming and the Turks tell him nothing. Did you dream?

Sumerke wakes up from the nightmare and tells the Turks, “I am doing you a lot of injustice, but every time I am exhausted and my breath is blocked, I face your patience and love.”

Sumer tells the Turks, “You do not give up love at all, do you?”

Turkan says that if I go one day, it is not because I give up because I need to go.

Üç Kız Kardeş (3 khahar) Serial Part 9 | English Subtitles
Üç Kız Kardeş (3 khahar) Serial Part 9 | English Subtitles

Nihat takes Mina home from the hospital and goes to the kitchen to prepare something for Mina to eat.

Nihat tells Mina that if you pack up your belongings, we will leave this house. I do not want to stay in this house anymore.

Mina replies that this situation bothers me a lot. I can not continue with you as if nothing had happened.

Nihat says I will regain what I lost.

With my credit.

I take back the woman I love, this time Sumer loses. Nihat tells Mina about his appointment with Rojahan.

Nasrin goes to the sea and is embarrassed in front of Rojahan.

Donush and Massoud are chatting at home, and Donosh promises Massoud that he will teach her to read and write.

Mina calls Rojahan’s house and says that they should talk to each other and Mina threatens Rojahan.

The Turks tell Sumer, “Maybe you want to go to work today and spend time together.” Sumer says if you want to go to a restaurant where you have to force me with my mother, I am not.

The Turks say this time I’m thinking, but Sumer says no, I have a lot of work today, but the Turks say you are not tired, have you worked so hard? And convinces Sumer to stay home.

Nasrin is very angry with the sea and tells her to go upstairs and talk to you.

He asks her if I called them all yesterday without telling your parents where you were and who your friends were.

Sumer and the Turks go to the beach and walk by the sea and share their childhood memories.

The Turks say to Sumer, “You see me very calm, balanced and positive, but do not look at me like this. I like storms more.”

Sumer says you surprise me. Turks say to Sumer you are like waves and Sumer answers maybe I like storms like you. But I confess to you that you are not afraid of hitting the shores like the waves, and when the sea calms down again you do not let go, you become stronger each time and you come back.

In his memoirs, Sumer sees himself and Mina coming to the same shore.

The Turk gets up and starts dancing and jumping in the beach water and then tells Sumer to come and when he does not accept, he wets him.

Sumer goes into the water, soaks the Turks, and Sumer follows him and hugs him and wants to throw the Turks into the sea.

Sumer knocks down the Turks and tells them not to trust me too much. The Turk finds a heart-shaped stone and puts it in Sumer’s hand and says that this Turkish heart throws it into the sea.

But Sumer does not do this and says if I throw it, your heart will break. The Turks catch the stone and throw it into the sea and tell Sumer not to be upset.

Mina is waiting for Rojahan at home.

Rojahan walks in and Mina tells him how miserable you are that you took refuge in the snake.

Rojahan tells him not to stretch and Mina tells him that he knows that he took refuge in Nihat in order to get rid of Mina.

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Mina tells Rojahan that you do not know what you did, you can not even imagine what you can not do if he turns the method.

It burns them all one by one.

Mina tells Rojahan that she intends to tell Sumer that it was her mother who brought Nihat here and in front of her turned the olive grove to Nihat and returned Sumer to herself and Rojahan lost her son.

Rojahan also says that even if it is at the cost of losing my son, I will kick you in such a way that you run away from here to a place where you can not even face people.

I set Janet on fire in such a way that you can’t even see Sumer because of the pain in your eyes.

When he goes to Mina, Rojehan says that it is better to vacate this house sooner.

The angry and angry world leaves my house.

Sumer and the Turks are still by the sea, and the Turks begin to dance and sing with a traveling musician.

Sumer also starts dancing and laughing with the Turks.

Sadegh instructs Erfan to do a little research on Massoud and see if he has any kin or relatives.

The conqueror comes to see Sadegh and tells him that I did not come to bother anyone, I came here to start a good family.

Fateh says I will not stay at home anymore. Tell Wisdom to return home and asks Sadegh to buy him a house.

Sadegh says I am thinking about how I should pay the loan installment I took for you and now you are telling me to get a house for you?

Fateh says that I lost the money you gave me at work and I have no money. Fateh says that I also have a share in the house you live in. Let’s do something until Kara comes right, I will come and stay there with you.

Sadegh throws out the conqueror and the conqueror says, “Think about this anyway.”

At school, Nasrin comes to the girls’ class and wants to have a remedial class for children who have a passing grade at university.

Darya is still unkind to Donush and blames him for not remembering his university passing grade.

At school, Sardar asks Nasrin why she told her father that she should stay away from Donush.

Nasrin says that you will probably go to university at the end of this summer, but Donush will not be able to, and she is very upset right now.

This close friend of yours will be more upset after you leave.

Sardar says I do not upset Donush and Nasrin says that sometimes parents see something that you can not see.

If I make such a decision, it has no reason and I will not back down from my decision. Donush goes to the commander. There are rumors about coming to remedial classes and Donush says I can not come but Sardar insists on coming and tells Donush that he has a surprise if he comes.

Sardar asks Donush that he is still angry with the sea and Denosh answers that he is still in the face. Sardar says I’m talking to him.

Darya sees Hakan in the corridor and greets him, but Hakan does not pick him up.

The sea says to itself, it was clear that this would happen.

Rojahan and Nihat have arranged a meeting. Rojahan tells Nihat that he is going to be together.

It was said that it did not work completely and it was as if Nihat was supposed to remove Mina as soon as he took the olive grove.

Nihat says that we need to go step by step and when my work is finished here, we will go with it. I want to get back my lost credit and it says it ‘s low.

Rojahan Ozer calls and asks him to investigate Nihat and Mina’s past and what Nihat’s problems are. Ozer says ok, I’ll do the research and we’ll talk later.

Mina comes to the garden and goes to Sumer. Seljuk, Sumer’s friend, tells him to leave here and do not cause trouble.

Mina says I will not leave here until I see Sumer.

Ozer goes to Mina and asks what she wants. Ozer says Sumer is not here.

Mina says it’s important and I have to meet with Sumer, but Ozer says if Sumer was here I would not stop meeting you. Any problem you can tell me. Ozer tells Mina if Sumer is trying to get away from you, don’t stop her. Mina says you can’t separate me and Sumer.

Ozer says I want to tell you something as advice, and he tells the story of a friend who had an unwanted marriage. He had another relationship just like you and Sumerik. He divorces his wife and lives with her, but do you know what happened?

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The man never ended his marriage with all his grief. Although he loved her like crazy, he never divorced his wife.

That poor woman was left alone with the failure of love and suffering.

You go on with your life, but without Sumer.

Sumer and the Turks are fishing along the coast. Sumer does not know how to fish and the Turks are teaching him.

Sumer says we should eat fish at night, as long as you cook it.

Sumer still remembers Mina.

The Turks tell Sumer that money and property are not important in life, peace and happiness, and Sumer is constantly comparing Turks and Mina. He thinks to Mina that all he thought about was money.

Hakan is still homeless at sea, and the sea is thinking about the Turks’ talk of Hakan being capricious.

At school, Sardar talks to Darya and asks him what happened. The sea did not answer Sardar.

The Turks and Sumer go home and cook.

Rojahan goes to the kitchen and sees the children cooking.

Sumer asks his mother to chop the onion.

Rojahan resists, but eventually surrenders and cooks with Sumer and the Turks, and everyone is happy.

Ozer comes to the kitchen and sees Rojahan chopping onions, smiles and leaves.

At the house of the Turks and Sumer and the whole family are eating fish cooked by the Turks and Sumer and they look happy.

Mina has called home and wants to talk to Sumer, who says I will call her later. Mina wants to give the phone to the Turks and tells the Turks that it is a very important job and tells Sumer to call him, and the Turks promise to tell him.

At home, Nasrin cuts Massoud’s hair and asks him about his family.

Masoud says that they left and Massoud walked and walked in the streets. It turns out that Massoud’s parents left him.

Sadegh goes to the house of Nazah and complains to the conqueror and tells the story of the house to Nazah. Nazah says that he is doing the right thing.

For the sea, Massoud describes everything that Donush did for the sea last night, from putting pillows on the sea bed to losing consciousness.

Darya comes with Donush for the future and says he will not go to tomorrow’s program if Donush is not there and breaks the consent form.

Sumer looks out of the bedroom window at their backyard.

Rojahan calls Nihat and says that if he does not come and takes Mina, he will call the police.

Ozer tells Rojahan that he knows about the transaction of the olive grove with Nihat, and if Sumer finds out, Rojahan will lose him.

Turkan, who feels a little bored, says I should sleep better and Sumer goes to get medicine for him.

Mina writes all her words in a letter to Sumer.

At Sadegh Nasrin’s house, he is arguing with the girls to go to the award ceremony.

Rojahan gives the Turks a necklace as a gift What he does to attract the attention of Sumer, but the Turks do not accept and tells Rojahan that the greatest gift for me is to love Sumer. Sumer hears these words from behind the door.

Rojahan is pleased with Sumer ‘s attention to the Turks and suggests that they go to Izmir and tour.

He gives his letter to Erfan to take it to the Turks’ house.

Sardar comes to Donush’s house and tells Donush that his mother does not want to see the two.

Donush is surprised by this and asks, do we mean not to see at all?

Sumer goes to the farm and finds out that he did not buy the olive grove and now he is separating the land from the land of Sumer.

Nihat and Sumer get into a fight and Nihat Sumer threatens to take revenge for every single thing he has done.

He takes the mysticism letter and gives it to the Turks to give it to Sumer.

Mina is packing at home.

Turkan wants to open the letter but regrets it.

The Turks turn to Sumer in the typewriter. Sumer and the Turks go to a hotel and Mina puts her tools in the car and leaves.

Sumer opens the letter, but with the arrival of the Turks, he does not have time to read it.

Sumer asks the Turks that the Turks love me?

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