Üç Kız Kardeş Serial Part 14 English Subtitles


In court, Turkan tells the judge that he intends to divorce, but Sumer tells him that he does not want to divorce. The judge adjourns the trial. The Turks angrily tell Sumer that they no longer want him. Sumer gets nervous and leaves.

Nasrin argues with the Turks and asks him the reason for his problem with Sumer, saying that he and Sumer are good together and should not do so. Turkan argues angrily with Nasrin, saying that it is clear that Nasrin does not support him enough and has no place in her father’s house. Then he leaves.

The Turks go to his house and tell him the story of the court and say that he wants to stay in the house for a while.

Sumer goes to the factory in front of Rochan and tells him that he must apologize to the Turk family so that the Turks can return. Rochan says she never does that and does not want the Turks as her bride. Sumer gets angry and leaves.

Nasrin goes to the pre-Sadegh office and tells him that Sumer and the Turks are on the ship and because the Turks are at sea, he wants to bring the Turks home for a while. Sadegh becomes suspicious of this case and contacts Sumer and wants to see him and the Turks.

Sumer informs the Turks and the Turks quickly go to the ship. When Sadegh goes to the ship, he asks Sumer and the Turks what is going on.

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Sumer says they came there to repair Rochan’s house. Sadegh says that if the Sumerians can not get a house for themselves, they should come to his house now. The Turks say he is used to the ship and has no problem. Sadegh is convinced and leaves.

Rochan asks the conqueror to go ahead. He asks the conqueror to go to the institution with people and get eye poison from him.

Nohad goes to the factory and says he wants to talk to her. They go to restaurants. The organization asks Mina to leave Rochan factory and go to her company, but Mina refuses. He offers Mina to work for him in this case and tell him the secrets of Rochan.

He threatens that otherwise he will tell everyone that he is a married woman. Mina is nervous and says sarcastically that she knows very well that the institution wants more than anything to be the father of her child.

Ozer goes to Rochan and says that the institution came to the factory and took Mina. He says that Rochan should not trust Mina and it is not clear that the child is from Sumer. Rochan says the institution is barren and can not have children, and he is sure the child is from Sumer. He says that he does not intend to keep Mina and only wants his grandson so that he will not get it.

The next day, Sumer finds a house and buys it. He asks the Turks to be ready at noon to take him somewhere. The Turks accept.
Rochan finds out about withdrawing money and buying a Sumer house.

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Fateh goes to the institution with some people to threaten him. The institution, realizing that the conqueror came from Rochan, offers the conqueror double the money to work for him. The conqueror accepts.

Sumer takes the Turks to his new home and shows them to him. Shortly afterwards, Rochan called the Turks and wanted to see him.
The Turks go to the cafe in front of Roochan. Rochan tells her that he will not let her and Sumer be together, and she has told Nasrin this.

The Turks are shocked and upset to hear this. He returns to Nazahat’s house and sees Nasrin there, arguing with her about Nasrin saying something to her about Rochan’s words, and goes to the room crying. The Turks call Sumer at night and ask him to come forward to talk. He returns the ring to Sumer, saying that despite Rochehan’s treatment of his family, they can not be happy together. Sumer accepts and leaves sadly.

The next day at the factory, Sumer says goodbye to everyone and says he will go to London forever. Rochan is upset and tells Sumer that he is willing to apologize to the Turks and his family for not leaving Sumer. Sumer agrees.

At school, a girl who had a fight with Darya beats herself up and says that Darya did that. A disciplinary committee is formed to lower the sea discipline score.
The girl goes to Hakan and tells Hakan that if he does not bring the disaster that befell her to the sea, she tells everyone what Hakan has done and complains to him.

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At night, Sadegh and Nasrin go to the house. In order not to see Sadegh, the Turks decide to go to Mina and secretly leave the house.

Mina deliberately contacts Farid, who liked the Turks, and plots with him. When the Turks approach Mina, Mina asks her to go to the disco.

At the disco, Farid comes and approaches the Turks and is secretly photographed.

The next day, when Rochan is ready to go to Sadegh and Nasrin’s house to apologize with Sumer, Rochan sees the picture of Turkan and Farid in the newspaper and angrily shows it to Sumer. Sumer is also shocked.

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